Husky Pups
Comprehensive District
Education Plan and
Shared Decision Making Plan

What is CDEP?

  • Helps  to focus district time,  energy, and resources to improving achievement for all students
  • Focus on student achievement and the strategies to continually improve student learning
  • Will help identify what works and what does not work

What plans fall under the umbrella of CDEP?          

  • Annual Professional Performance Review                                            
  • Academic Intervention Service Plan
  • Professional Development Plan
  • Special Education Plan
  • Technology Plan
  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Plan (Part 154)
  • Mentor Plan   

How often is CDEP updated?

The information contained on the CDEP/Shared Decision Making page reflects documents under constant review and updates.  The minutes of the CDEP/Shared Decision Making page are to be used as a road map to the changes made by the committee.  The revised Shared Decision Making document will be posted on an annual basis.


Last Modified on January 26, 2013