7th Grade Social Studies

    This course covers American History from the beginning to 1865.


    Current Unit: Civil War. Projects due June 6th. Social Studies Project

    Happy Memorial Day!


    7th Grade Study Skills/Geography

    This course covers the basics of executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, time management, self-control and others, as well as the five themes of geography. We will be working on the executive functioning skills throughout the two quarters and applying them to a geography project about a country.


    Current Topics: Working on our "World Fair" project. It is due May 23rd. May 23rd at 5:30-6:30 we will have our World Fair night in the OIMS Library. Students will be presenting their projects to staff, students, and families.




    1 - Social Studies

    2 - Prep

    3 - Social Studies

    4 - Social Studies

    5 - Study Hall

    6 - Lunch

    7 - Team Meeting

    8 - Social Studies

    9 - Study Skills


    Contact Information

    Email: bhoward@oleanschools.org

    Ext. 4304


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