Guidance Office Contact Information
    Guidance Counselor
      Mrs. Karen O'Dell          (716) 375-8084
    Guidance Counselor
      Mrs. Jeanne Frisina      (716) 375-8019
    Guidance Counselor
      Mr. Matthew Threehouse      (716) 375-8015
    Guidance Counselor
      Mrs. Rene O'Connell      (716) 375-8016
    Guidance Secretary   Mrs. Suzy Broadbent      (716) 375-8004

    We are still here for you! Need help? Email your counselor at 

    kodell @ oleanschools.org

    jfrisina @ oleanschools.org

    mthreehouse @ oleanschools.org

    roconnell @ oleanschools.org


    Guidance Tips during COVID-19 

    1. Learn about stress and coping during the COVID-19 pandemic at www.cdc.gov

    2. Protect yourself and others

        a. Practice good hygiene 

        b. Social Distance-6 feet apart

        c. Do your part to decrease the spread of the virus, stay home as difficult as it is.

    3. Keep a schedule and complete assignments

    4. Master a new skill, take a virtual college tour, learn to draw, try out a new recipe, work on athletic drills at home, use music as an outlet, use a journal for positive thinking and future plans!

    5. Find new and creative ways to connect with family, friends, neighbors (Zoom video, FaceTime, Snapchat, etc)