• Together. . . we can make a difference!

    Home-School Partnerships are critical in supporting a child’s academic achievement.  Parent involvement is the key to your child’s academic success in school.  Help your child by becoming actively involved in your child’s education.


    v     Become a parent volunteer in your child’s school or classroom.

    v     Join the Parent-Teacher Organization or Building Level Team

    v     Actively organize and monitor your child’s time

    o       Monitor what your child watches on TV

    o       Limit the amount of time your child watches TV

    o       Know where your children are, who they are with, what they are doing, and when they plan to come home

    v     Help with and monitor homework

    o       Make certain that homework is completed

    o       Discuss with your child the specifics of the homework assignment

    o       Help explain homework if needed

    o       Check accuracy of homework

    v     Make sure your child attends school daily and on time

    v     Set aside time to discuss school with your child

    v     READ with your child daily

    v     Make sure your child gets plenty of rest

    v     Make sure your child starts the day with a good breakfast

    v     Communicate with school personnel

    v     Encourage your child to follow school rules and show respect for others

    v     Attend parent-teacher conferences

    Read to your child
    at least 15 minutes
    each day!