What is Applied Technology?
    Technology is a New York State mandated curriculum. All students must complete forty weeks of technology Education prior to their ninth grade year. At the present time we offer Applied Technology to 8th grade students. Our curriculum is set up in workstations. Each workstation has specific tasks for students to complete. Students will work independently and utilize a variety of math, science and technology skills.
    Who teaches AT?
    John Zambanini 
    Evan DeWald
    How much time will students spend in AT?
    8th grade- 40 weeks
    What will student grades be based on?
    Each time they complete a workstation their work will be graded on a 100 point basis. All work will be completed during class time and most activities will be "hands-on". Student grades reflect work completed in class. All students have the opportunity to make up missed class time or to improve on any given assignment. Each student is given a folder to put all work in and folders are kept in the Tech room. All projects after completion are to be taken home.
    What do students need for AT?
    Students are required to bring a pencil to class everyday! We do not issue a text book, we don't require a notebook or binder and we do not give homework!!! All they need is a pencil and be actively involved in class. Students missing class for any reason should make every effort to make up work. 
Last Modified on September 3, 2015