• 8th grade AT
    Drafting and Design
    Just about everything we own or have purchased is produced in a factory or workshop. Before any production can occur, a plan or design needs to be completed. These designs could be simple or very complex. Any product that we purchase that needs to be assembled will have instructions. These instructions most often will include several illustrations for assembly. Do we understand these illustrations? Can we visualize how things are put together? This workstation is designed to introduce students to the world of Design Technology.
    Students will have the opportunity to use various drafting tools and equipment to complete basic drawing assignments.
    Residential Wiring
    This mini workstation is designed to show the basics of house wiring. By no means is this course intended to be an electrical training course. Students will have the opportunity to wire some basic circuits found in most houses. They will understand how electricity is used to power many electrical devices. They will also understand some of the basic terminology and components used in this field. This workstation is designed for ”hands-on” types of activities. Students will wire various circuits using electrical tools and equipment and the instructor will test these circuits. Safety precautions will be followed at all times. Most students will be home owners someday. If they can fix minor problems it will save them money. It may also trigger interest in pursuing one of the skilled trades.
    Material Processing
    After completing this work station, students will have a basic understanding of how materials ( raw and synthetic) are processed into end products. Several materials will be discussed but wood will be the material of choice. Four basic processes will be discussed and/or demonstrated. These processes include, forming, separating, combining and conditioning. Students will understand these processes and will demonstrate some of these on their projects. Each student will use various technological resources such as tools and machines to complete their project. Safety precautions will be followed at all times.
Last Modified on September 3, 2015