• Advanced Drafting
    This workstation is designed specifically for 8th grade students. Students will be required to complete six Multi-view drawings worth 20 points each. Throughout this work station, students will be able to visualize and draw an object from three different view points. These are the front, top and right side views. Several visual aides as well as actual models will be use throughout to help with basic understanding of these drawings. All students have the opportunity to make up work and do extra credit. Students will use various drafting tools to complete all drawings neatly and accurately. Before students leave the drafting room, they will select one of five project plans that are drawn in multi-view form to be constructed in the wood lab. Students must be able to retrieve information from this plan in order to complete a Bill of materials as well as constructing of this project.
    This work station is designed to give students a basic understanding of construction and manufacturing. Unlike seventh grade, students will have a choice of five different projects to select from. Students will have the opportunity to use many of the tools and equipment (woodworking) used in the construction and manufacturing industry. They will also understand and demonstrate some of the manufacturing processes used in industry today. Each student will be responsible for all aspects of the construction of their project. They will have the opportunity to use industrial equipment safely in a "shop" setting. All safety precautions will be followed at all times.
    Residential Construction
    This work station is only offered to my enrichment class at this time. This class is not graded and students are here everyday. Throughout  the year students will learn the basics of house construction. They will understand some of the terminology and processes used in the construction field today. They will demonstrate some of this knowledge on a scale model of a utility shed as well as the full scale construction of this shed. They will safely use power tools and equipment used in the construction field. The scale model will be used to complete a bill of materials for the full scale project. Students will be required to calculate material costs and create a bill for the shed owner. The shed will be completed in sections at school and transferred to the job site at a later date. Students will need two days of on site work to complete the shed.
Last Modified on September 3, 2015