• Plan for Success



    1.  Sign-up on Parent Portal via Mrs. Bush (375-8064). This will allow you to track your child’s grades for each class.  If you are not signed up, all 6th and 7th grade students have been taught how to access the student portal.  Have them log on for you using their 9 digit id number (lunch card number).


    1. Feel free to email teachers once a week to check to see that all homework is turned in and on-time.  Friday would be the best day to email them.  Use this email to form a grouping to include all his/her core and expressive arts teachers, so you only have to compose one message.


    1. Be sure your child uses his/her agenda.  Require that your child bring home his/her agenda every night.  If your child is missing supplies that he/she needs to complete assignments, or if a completed assignment has been left in school, have them return to school to get the completed work, or whatever is needed to complete the work at home.


    4. Create a homework folder for your child. Label one side “To Do” and the other     

    “Done”. All incomplete homework assignments for that night should be placed on the “To Do” side. Any homework assignments your child has already completed in school should be placed in the “Done” side for your approval. Again, if necessary have your child return to school to get what he/she needs!


    **Remind your child that no matter the assignment, completed or not, you want to see every single assignment every single night!


    5. Track your child’s homework by using the homework web pages created by his/her     

        teacher. These sites are updated at least once a week, but may change from day to 

        day. Usually this is where you will find updated homework assignments for each

        class. Be sure the assignments in your child’s agenda match the homework on the

        website. If there are questions, call or email your child’s teacher.


    6. Request your child attend Homework Help after school to do homework whenever     

        possible.  No permission slips are required to attend. Students need to bring their

        agenda with homework assignments listed and their materials to the library. As per  

        the Homework Help rules, if students are not working on something, they will be

        asked to leave! Any assignments not completed in Homework Help must be

        completed at home.


    Ensuring your child’s success at the Middle School requires hard work and dedication from all of us!


Last Modified on October 17, 2018