• Bus Transportation Guidelines

    Business Office: 716-375-8020

    Bus Transportation Eligibility Policy is as follows:

    Kindergarten – 7th Grade
    Students whose residence from “home school” is over 1 mile are eligible for bussing.
    Out of neighborhood students are not eligible for busing unless required by CSE.  Any student whose IEP requires busing and is requested by CSE is deemed eligible.

    Grades 8‐12
    Busing is provided for students who live outside the City of Olean, unless otherwise directed by the Committee on Special Education.


    • Any student Grades K‐3 must have an adult visible to the bus driver before the child is to be released off of the bus.
    • If an adult is not visible, the child will remain on the bus until a parent/guardian is notified with instructions for drop off.
    • If a child misses the bus, it is the parent’s responsibility to transport that child to school. The bus will not come back to pick him/her up.
    • Please make sure your child is ready for the bus at least 10 minutes before the anticipated pick up time.
    • If a child does not ride the bus for 5 consecutive days without prior notice to the Business Office, that child will be removed from the bus list.
    • This child will be added back on the bus list when notice is received by the Business Office.
    • Security cameras are installed on all buses for your child’s safety.
    • In the event of a snow day, please remember that Olean, Portville and Hinsdale are separate school districts. If one is closed, it does not constitute the others being closed. Please watch/listen to school closing reports for this information.
    • A child must have only 1 address for pick up and drop off for the school year.
    • If your address changes at any time during the year (move), please notify the Business Office immediately to change the busing address and to determine if the child remains eligible to be bused.
    • Please contact the Olean City School District Business Office directly with any busing issues, questions, or concerns at the number above.
Last Modified on September 11, 2020