• List of Helpful Autism Websites
    1.) Autism Society of America-Western New York Chapter- This non-profit organization funds educational and awareness projects throughout Western New York. Their website has a wealth of information on it!
    2.)  Autism Speaks- A fast-growing organization founded initially by interested and knowledgeable grandparents that hope to search for causes and effective treatment models for Autism Spectrum Disorders.
    3.) Use Visual Strategies- Linda Hodgdon's official website. She is the "guru" of using visual strategies....I have many of her resources available for lending in the autism resource library!
    4.) Speaking of Speech- This website mainly geared towards speech-language pathologists has an enormous amount of free social stories, and visual aids available for download! If you click on materials exchange, it will list materials by category. You will love this site!
    5.)The Gray Center for Social Learning and Understanding- Carol Gray's official website. She has a lot of useful information on Social Stories(TM) and new interventions.
Last Modified on November 16, 2007