Welcome to Mr. Shaw's Math Page

    Both Algebra 2 and Math Topics classes should consult their respective lesson plan tab to the left to try and stay on track with their tasks if they are absent from class. If you have any issues, and cannot contact me through TEAMS, then feel free to email me at dshaw followed by @oleanschools.org

     Teacher Schedule 
    Period 1: Algebra II                
    Period 2: Algebra II
    Period 3: Math Topics
    Period 4: Study Hall
    Period 5: LUNCH
    Period 6: Prep
    Period 7: Algebra II
    Period 8: Math Topics

    Room Number: 26

    Email: dshaw followed by @oleanschools.org

    Phone: (716) 375-8010 ext. 3026

     Classroom Rules
    1) Be on time.
    2) Be prepared
    3) Give your best effort.
    4) Always be respectful.
    5) DO YOUR BEST!!
Last Modified on September 19, 2023