• Greetings       
    I believe: 


    It's essential to take care of students as individuals in order for meaningful learning to take place.   


    It's important to create an inspiring, creative environment! 


    It's meaningful to create a relationship of respect and trust.  


    It's necessary to to develop a sense of belonging, importance, connectedness and empowerment. 


    It's valuable to connect learning to the real world making it authentic. 


    It's cherished to have a positive, friendly, united relationship with parents.  



    Once entering our room, read the door!  We live this philosophy: 

    Here, we are scientists; we are readers and authors, we are explorers. You are loved; you are respected; you are a friend. 

    ‘A mind stretched to a new idea never goes back to its original dimensions.'
                                                                 Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.


Last Modified on April 24, 2019