•  English 11:   

    week of March 15th:  Midsummer Night's Dream

    week of March 8th:  annotated works consulted


    Monday, March 1st - introduction to thesis statements

    Tuesday, March 2nd - introduction to  outline  Assignment:  thesis and outline due Friday

    Wednesday - Friday, March 5th:  work on thesis and outline


     Monday, Feb 22nd - Friday Feb 26th:  next 5 sources



    Monday, Feb 8th: - find 10-12 sources (at least 4 must be peer-reviewed from the databases)

    Tuesday, Feb 9th:  begin annotated works consulted - under each article (title or link is okay - we will build the citations later) - a statement responding to EACH criteria of the CRAAP test

    Wednesday - Friday:  finish CRAAP test evaluations - we will add the citations when we get back from break


    Monday, Jan 25th - Thursday, January 28th -  individual conferencing with students who owe work


    Tuesday, Jan 19th - update seating charts; introduce upcoming final reflection assignment; go over missing work

    Wednesday, Jan 20th - work on reflection assignment, gratitude letter  - due Friday at midnight

    Thursday, Jan 21st - update seating charts; work on reflection assignment

    Friday, Jan 22nd - final reflection assignment due at midnight


    Monday, Jan 11th - Wednesday:  work service composition - due Wednesday at midnight

    Thursday, Jan 14th - read "Gratitude" article

    Friday, Jan 15th - work on Gratitude summary


    Monday, Jan 4th - discuss paraphrasing, summary, integration of quotes, begin "The Case for Having a Hobby"

    Tuesday, Jan 5th -  begin reflection assignment

    Wednesday, Jan 6th - work on reflection assignment due at midnight

    Thursday, Jan 7th -  read "Why You Should Stop Being So Hard on Yourself"

    Friday, Jan 8th - reflection assignment due at midnight


    Monday, December 21st and Tuesday, December 22nd:  watch Gatsby movie


    Monday, December, 14th:  reading day (notes are due at midnight)

    Tuesday, December 15th:  discuss the end of the book

    Wednesday, December 16th:  organize your notes for your test!

    Thursday, December 17th:  Gatsby test

    Friday, December 18th:  Gatsby test

    Monday and Tuesday before break - if all goes well, I'll be able to share out a movie version of the novel


    Monday, December 7th:  reading day - chapter 8 with notes (due Tuesday at midnight) - remember that page numbers are required and notes should include reflections, observation and questions

    Tuesday, December 8th: reading day - submit chapter 8 by midght 

    Wednesday, December 9th:  see list of questions on chapter 8

    Thursday, December 10th: discuss chapter 8  Assign chapter 9 for Tuesday (notes are due Monday at midnight)

    Friday, December 11th - continue reading

    next week:  we will wrap up the book and test will be on Thursday and Friday


    Monday, November 30th:  introduction to chapter 7 of Gatsby - Assignment - finish chapter 7, completing reflection notes (like those assigned for chapters 5 & 6) by midnight on Wednesday.

    Tuesday, December 1st - brief check in to answer questions

    Wednesday, December 2nd - asynchronous (students encouraged to make appointments for individual conferencing on Wednesdays) - finish chapter 7 by midnight

    Thursday, December 3rd - discuss chapter 7

    Friday, December 4th - in class reading and discussion for chapter 8


    Monday, November 23rd - discuss chapters 5 and 6 of Gatsby

    Tuesday, November 24th - in class reading of chapter 7 (with interruptions to discuss!)

    No assignment over Thanksgiving break.  Enjoy the time away from your computers!!!



    Monday, November 16th - discuss Gatsby

    Tuesday, November 17th  and Wednesday, November 18th - read chapter 5

    Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th - read chapter 6

    due Monday - reflections on your reading of chapters 5 and 6 - questions, observations - see assignment in class materials


    Wednesday November 11th - Friday November 13th - no class - catch up on owed work - finish chapter 4 by Monday


    Wednesday, November 4th - continue reading chapter 2

    Thursday, November 5th - brief meeting to answer any questions on the reading - chapter 2 is due tomorrow

    Friday, November 6th - discuss chapter 2 of Gatsby, begin chapter 3

    Monday, November 9th - continue chapter 3 - finish chapter for Thursday (this assignment is tentative....)

    Tuesday, November 10th -  finish reading chapter 3


    Wednesday, October 28:  make-up day 

    Thursday, October 29th: resume Great Gatsby - discussion about setting, introduction to themes  Assign:  stereotype essay rewrite due Wednesday, November 4th at midnight

    Friday, October 30th: - classtime for rewrites

    Monday, November 2nd: - classtime for rewrites

    Tuesday, November 3rd:- resume Gatsby - assign finish chapter 2 before Friday



    Wednesday, October 21st:  continue working on free writing exercise

    Thursday, October 22nd:  finish free writing exercise - submit to turnitin.com by the end of the day

    Friday, October 23rd:  turn free writing exercise into poems

    Monday, October 26th:  introduction to Gatsby / begin reading

    Tuesday, Octer 27th:  continue reading Gatsby


    Wednesday, October 14th:  stereotype and Of Mice and Men essays due by midnight on Friday, October 16th

    Thursday, October 15th:  continue working on essays

    Friday, October 16th:  continue working on essays

    Monday, October 19:  poetry

    Tuesday, October 20th:  poetry


    Wednesday, October 7th:  finish reading the book Of Mice and Men

    Thursday, October 8th:  stereotypes essay prompt

    Friday, October 9th:  discuss Of Mice and Men

    Monday, October 12th: no school!

    Tuesday, October 13th:  Of Mice and Men open book / open notebook test

    Wednesday, October 14th:  essays due to turnitin.com by midnight on Friday, October 16th


    Wednesday, Sept 30 - finish reading chapter 2 of Of Mice and Men: students who owe the short story test must sign in to the class meeting

    Thursday, Oct 1 - discuss chapter 2 of Of Mice and Men

    Friday, Oct 2 - begin chapter 3 of Of Mice and Men  

    Monday, Oct 5 - finish chapter 3  

    Tuesday, Oct 6 - begin chapter 4


    Wednesday, September 23 - asynchronous learning (no live-streaming) - read "To a Mouse" and listen to the YouTube audio version in the Scottish dialect.  Be ready to identify who the speaker of the poem is in class.  Turnitin takeaway due Tuesday, Sept 29.

    Thursday, Sept 24 - discuss poem; short story assessment.

    Friday, Sept 25 - discuss turnitin takeaway assignment due Tuesday, Sept 29th

    Monday, Sept 28 - begin Of Mice and Men (discuss setting and exposition)

    Tuesday, Sept 29 - continue reading Of Mice and Men (discuss characterization)

    Please contact me if you are interested in participating in Poetry Out Loud this year!  


    Wednesday, Sept 16th - asynchronous learning (no live-streaming)  begin reading "To Build a Fire" - read up to page 70 (the document starts on page 64).  I will be at my computer all day if you have any questions about this or any other assignment.  Remember to check my webpage every Wednesday, as I will post plans on Wednesdays.

    Thursday, Sept 17th - discuss "To Build a Fire, continue reading" - hand out Of Mice and Men books

    Friday, Sept 18th - finish "To Build a Fire"

    Monday, Sept 21 - begin "Story of an Hour"

    Tuesday, Sept 22 - short story assessment; introduction of Of Mice and Men



    Wednesday, Sept 9th - Welcome back!

    Thursday, Sept 10th - introduce "Listening" assignment (due Tuesday the 15th at midnight), create turnitin.com accounts

    Friday, Sept 11th - proofreading document posted in materials page on wesite - work on "Listening" assignment (submit to turnitin.com)

    Monday, Sept 14th - introduce "goal" assignment (reading + composition) due Tuesday 15th (submit to turnitin.com), hand out Of Mice and Men

    Tuesday, Sept 15th - classtime to brainstorm "goal" assignment - goal essay due Tuesday 22nd

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