Corrections are Easy!
    Corrections on homework or tests should be done in the following way:
    1)  Homework assignments that are turned in late are not eligible for corrections (unless told otherwise by the teacher). I will let the students know which tests and quizzes can be corrected.
    2)  Keep the original assignment, do not change your incorrect answers on the original sheet. 
    3)  Using a separate sheet of paper, correct all of the problems where you had something marked wrong. Do this by showing all of your work, if no work can be shown, an explanation showing me that you understand the material will be accepted. 
    4) When you are finished correcting all of your problems on a separate sheet of paper, staple it to the back of the original assignment and turn it in to receive half of the credit back on that assignment (this is subject to change depending on the assignment). 
    **Remember fixing your own mistakes is part of the learning process, so take your time, and get it right the second time around! 
Last Modified on May 14, 2024