• JCC’s College Connections Program


    The College Connections program allows students to earn concurrent high school and college credit by completing JCC courses taught in the high schools by highly qualified, JCC-supported teachers.


    Why enroll in College Connections? College Connections is an affordable way to earn concurrent high school and college credit while developing key skills for future success. Students can:

    • Save money by reducing future college costs
    • Enjoy more opportunities in college such as study abroad or internships
    • Lighten their college course load or pursue a second major
    • Graduate early or pursue a graduate degree
    • Develop skills for college success in the comfort of the high school environment


    The Courses Course content and assessments in College Connections courses are consistent with those taught on the JCC campus. Students work towards the same outcomes as those in on-campus courses. Students who successfully complete College Connections courses earn JCC credit, which is verified by an official transcript.


    The Instructors

    High school instructors who teach College Connections courses are reviewed, selected, and supported by JCC faculty. These instructors work with JCC faculty liaisons to ensure that their courses give students an opportunity to experiment with the academic rigor of university coursework while in high school.

    Eligibility Qualified students are primarily juniors and seniors. Students must also meet the same college standards as on-campus students including course prerequisites and testing requirements. As JCC students, College Connections students are responsible for reviewing and understanding JCC and course expectations, knowing important dates, and adhering to policies such as course withdrawal and academic integrity and civility.



    Typically, there is no charge to New York state residents. Out-of-state residents pay reduced tuition. Some courses do require a lab, and there may be an associated lab fee.



    For more information, please visit www.sunyjcc.edu/collegeconnections

Last Modified on April 9, 2020