• All classes use Office 365 for a class notebook.  This can be accessed from any computer. 
    Students need their username and password to login. 
    I am using Teams for all communication with my students during this time of remote learning. 
    Please be sure to check there daily for assignments and notifications.   
    Students use this class notebook for everything including notes, readings and speaking tasks.
    Other online tools we use are:
    www.wordreference.com  for translating words (do NOT attempt to translate phrases, sentences or paragraphs)
    www.quizlet.com  for studying and quizzing yourself on vocabulary
    Gimkit  for studying vocabulary in a fun, engaging way.
    Duolingo   Students work through assignments on a weekly basis.  
    Sr Wooly nuggets is for both Spanish 1 and 3 classes.  Video stories are used to teach vocabulary and grammar structures in a fun and engaging way.  Students have weekly/monthly assignments to complete.  
    Flipgrid for Spanish 1 and 3  Students record and upload videos of them speaking in the target language on an assigned topic. 
    Youtube is an amazing resource for language learners as well.
    Spotify also offers great music and podcasts and videos.
    I encourage all students and parents to look into these. 
Last Modified on October 1, 2020