• Welcome to Algebra II!
    Algebra II will explore and deepen the students' mathematical manipulation (algebra) skills they have learned in previous courses. This will allow students to investigate and model all types of functions including linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, and many more. There are also concepts of trigonometry, statistics, and probability embedded into this course.
    Students will be graded by the following categories:
                            Homework/ In-Class Assignments 
                            Participation/Prepared for Class
    Tests/Quizzes are an important indicator in this class for the end of the year NYS Regents examination. A students' test/quiz average in class can potentially provide a good prediction as to how a student will do on the this exam. Students will be notified if they are in danger of not passing the Regents exam and offered better ways to review/study or even offered after school help.
    Homework is a very important part of this class. Homework is designed to reinforce the topics covered in class and will strengthen their abilities as we spiral into new material. Normally homework will only take 10-20 mins and most days we will have time to get started on it in class. Corrections on homework assignments are accepted as long as that assignment was not originally turned in late.
     Students will take the Common Core Algebra II Regents Exam in JUNE 2022.
    ****Feel free to contact me with any questions. 
Last Modified on September 16, 2022