• Step by Step Instructions

    eSchool Parent Portal


    1. The web site address is:                      www.oleanschools.org


    1. On RIGHT HAND side of screen (right after “Olean City School District”) there is an “A+” icon. Please click on the icon.


    2. On this page you will see an opening Parent Portal Log In. Towards the bottom you will see the words, “Online Registration”. Click on these words.


    3. This is the first page of the registration. Please insert “Olean” for the School District; a user name for you; your e-mail address; a password containing a minimum of 6 characters (no more than 11) which one of them must be a number; re-confirm your password; select a question; and answer the question for security purposes. Click on the box “Create Account Information >>” to continue.


    4. This page is the information for the parent / guardian. It is important that the address and phone number entered is what the school has on file as contact information for that student. Click on the box “Create Personal Information” to continue.


    5. This page is for entering the student(s) information. The “ID Number” is the 9 digit number assigned to the student. This number can be found on the student’s schedule, report card, progress report, lunch ID card or by calling the school. After entering the information, click on the box “Add Student to the above list” then click on the box marked “Finish Registration”. You will then get a message stating the registration has successfully been submitted and you will shortly be receiving an e-mail letting you know your account has been approved and activated.






    If at any time you have any questions, please call Mrs. Dwaileebe, OIMS Guidance, at (716) 375-8064 to help assist you with your account. After your account has been established, if you are experiencing any difficulties with accessing the account, please call Ms. Scull at (716) 375-3264.

Last Modified on September 25, 2020