• Hello out there! I know this is not what we're used to, but let's continue to learn in English 11 this year. I miss all of you. Please take care of yourselves! Maybe working on some English will be a nice distraction from the madness of the world. Check out my new electronic plans that cover no new material, but simply allow you to review until we are all used to the changes we face. We are reviewing elements relevant to the persuasive speech and continuing to journal. Keep in mind that you can email me at any time.

    Marking period 3 grades are due for teachers this week, so check out eschool and make sure you are on top of your marking period 3 grades. If you have not handed in your persuasive speech for any reason, please email it to be by this Wednesday 3-25-20 at 8am.

    You should be spending about 20 minutes per day on keeping your English skills sharp. Spend 5 minutes per day on your plague journal (see the attachment below). Spend 15 minutes per day watching current press releases from Governor Cuomo (google "Cuomo press releases"). As you are watching, find examples of all of the following:

    1. ethos -a rhetorical device, or mode of persuasion, focusing on trust, ethics, and credibility

    2. pathos -a rhetorical device, or mode of persuasion, focusing on emotions and values

    3. logos -a rhetorical device, or mode of persuasion, focusing on logic, reason and proof

    4. repetition -intentionally repeating words or phrases that echo the main idea

    5. allusion -a reference to something outside of the speech; it can be a cultural, literary or historical reference

    6. imagery -using words that appeal to the five senses of the audience; figurative language often plays a role

    plague journal







Last Modified on March 22, 2020