• Graduation Requirements

    English 4 years (4 credits)
    Social Studies 4 years (4 credits)
    Math 3 years (3 credits)
    Science 3 years (3 credits)
    Language 1 year (1 credit)
    Health 1/2 year (1/2 credit)
    Art 1 year (1 credit)
    Gym 4 years (2 credits=1/2 credit per year) 
    Electives (at least 3.5)
    Students need at least 22 credits to graduate from Olean High School, however most students far exceed this number of credits
    Regents Diploma (minimum requirement for graduation)
    1. English
    2. US History
    3. Science
    4. Algebra
    5. Global
    Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
    1. English
    2. US History
    3. Global Studies
    4. Algebra
    5. Geometry
    6. Algebra II
    7.Science (Life)
    8.Science (Physical)
    9. Comprehensive Language*
    *a 5 credit sequence may be used in place of language (BOCES, Art, Music etc)
    Students who earn an 85% or higher on 3 math and/or science Regents exams will be eligible for Mastery in Math, Mastery in Science or Mastery in Math and Science. 
    *Students who are unable to meet the traditional testing requirements may be eligible for a NYS pathway.
    *Students with disabilities are eligible for specific safety nets.