• College Courses (advanced coursework)

    College Courses taught at Olean High School 
    See below for course descriptions


    AV/CC U.S. History* (6 college credits)

    AV/CC English 11* (3 college credits)

    AV/CC English 12* (6 college credits) 
    Av/CC PreCalculus (3 college credits)*

    AV/CC Statistics/Calculus* (8 college credits)

    AV/CC Accounting 2* (3 college credits) 

    AV/CC Economics* (3 college credits)

    AV/CC Government/Politics**(3 credits)

    AV/CC Spanish V* (4 college credits) (Not offered 2022-2023)

    AV/CC French IV* (3 college credits) 

    AV/CC French V* (3 college credits) (Not offered 2022-2023)

    AV/CC Drawing I* (3 college credits) (Not offered 2022-2023)
    AV/CC Ceramics* (3 college credits
    AV/CC Keyboarding* (3 college credits) 
    AV/CC Bio Technology/Lab** (3 college credits) 

    Civil Engineering*** (4 college credits)

    Digital Electronics*** (4 college credits)

    Principles of Engineering*** (4 college credits)


    *        In collaboration with Jamestown Community College

    **      In collaboration with St. Bonaventure University    

    ***    In collaboration with Rochester Institute of Technology


    College course descriptions


    AV/CC English 12 -JCC 1530
    Students will successfully complete writings in persuasion and various modes of exposition about a variety of topics. Students will develop research skills and gain confidence in completing a well-documented research based paper. Students will also continue to develop their command of the conventions of standard written English. These activities should ultimately produce improved critical thinking skills that will evidence themselves in written and oral communication. Finally, since writing is not only about clear and precise communication but also a tool for personal discovery, students should see this class as an opportunity to continue to develop their own individual "voice."


    AV/CC English 12-JCC 1540
    This course focuses on imaginative literature – drama, poetry, and prose fiction. Students will be expected to consider how authors utilize the tools at their disposal (elements of fiction, figurative language, devices of sound and structure, etc.) in order to create their literary works. In the process students will be exposed to works from a variety of cultures and time periods. Students will be expected to improve their abilities to write critically and analytically about drama, poetry, and prose fiction. Students will also be expected to see literature as a commentary on human experience and view literary works from a variety of perspectives and interpretive approaches.


    AV/CC Spanish 4 or French 4

    Emphasis on listening, speaking, reading and writing.  The course uses authentic materials to further enhance and enrich the four skills toward checkpoint C (fluency).  Cultural experience includes exchange visits to French/Spanish speaking countries.  This is an advanced course.  Upon successful completion of the course students will be granted 3 credits for Spanish 251 or French 251 at JCC.

    Prerequisite: Passed Spanish 3 or French 3


    AV/CC Spanish 5 or French 5

    Continuation of study with special emphasis on literature, films of the 20th Century, and cultural experiences including exchanges.  This is an advanced course.  Upon successful completion of the course students will be granted 3 credits for Spanish 252 or French 252 at JCC.



    A university level mathematics course covering 8 credits of college work.  The study will include:  Derivatives and their applications, anti-derivatives and their applications. 



                Environmental Science is a junior/senior level performance-based curriculum designed to integrate the principles of science and human relationships to the environment using real-life, current situations. Field trips, short and long-term projects, use of technology, portfolios, and labs are the emphasis of this course. Some of the areas covered are: pollution, conservation, resource management, human population dynamics, laws and current issues, alternative energy sources, waste management, and natural cycles. This course stresses technological literacy. Students will work cooperatively in groups, as well as, individually. 

                Students that complete this Tech Prep course with a minimum 85% AV and a final exam grade of at least 80%, are eligible for 3 Biology credits at Alfred State Collegeof Technology.  Credit is based on these scores and the student’s portfolio which is sent to ASC upon request.

                Prerequisites are: a minimum final AV of 65 in both Regents Earth Science and Living Environment/Biology.

     A 65% on both the Regents Earth Science and Living Environment exam is recommended.





    This 11th grade course is designed as a survey of American History from colonial times to the present. In preparation for college, advanced placement students will engage in a variety of learning activities to promote writing and research skills essential for today's college-bound students. It is suggested that students in this course have general knowledge of United States History and a desire to get a head start on college requirements. This course provides an excellent opportunity for history students to probe American History in greater depth while at the same time satisfying the New York State Regents requirement. Through the College and High School Connections Program offered through Jamestown Community College and Olean High School, students may earn up to 6 college credits.

    Students in this course are required to take the New York State regents exam and have the option to take the advanced placement exam in May.

    Selection for this course is determined by a pre-test given by the social studies department and by teacher recommendation. To qualify for the JCC credits, students must meet the requirements set by the college.