• Olean City School District Reopening Summary

    Every Husky Will Have a Home This Fall!

    The District is committed to serving our community!

     Students Cheering after Basketball win


    As always it takes all the Huskies to pull the sled!  This year that statement will never be more important.  The district’s goals for reopening include a plan that will address the following requirements: safety, health and welfare, learning, child care, and meals.  Families will have the option of totally remote learning or a hybrid model which will gradually bring our students back full-time.

    1. Safety, health, and welfare of our students, families, and employees. We do not have the room nor the adequate number of highly qualified teachers to bring all students back on the same day while providing safe distancing and the other requirements of the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health. Therefore, we have developed a hybrid approach which is being used by most schools throughout the state to keep students and employees safe.
    2. Learning will be a combination of in-person and remote with students in class two days a week to receive instruction from their teachers and three days a week at home for remote learning.
    3. Child Care we are currently exploring child care options for families that select the hybrid model. Our hope is to provide parents with as many child care options as possible for their students. We are attempting to list numerous day care options to reduce the co-mingling of students: YMCA, STAR Program, and others.  If you could provide day care and wish to be on the list we generate, please email us at HuskyStrong followed by @oleanschools.org.  These programs will attempt to complement the school day and week.
    4. Meals will be provided to all students daily. Each student will receive breakfast and lunch daily Monday through Friday whether students are in-person or remote.

    Like the school district, families should be prepared for the evolving conditions associated with the COVID Pandemic.  We all must be prepared to return to 100% remote learning should the virus have an upswing in the community and/or we have confirmed cases in the school.

    To ensure the safety, health, and welfare of all the Olean City School District family, we have developed a reopening plan that will address both the New York State Education Department and the New York State Department of Health requirements to reopen to the best of our ability.  To fulfill these requirements, it will be necessary to provide two options at the present time: 

    Students and families will have a choice of the following:

    1. Hybrid Approach/With Day Care Options. To appropriately social distance students of our entire student body of over 2000 students, it will be necessary to divide our students into two cohorts: Red and Gold. This will be done alphabetically with the intent to keep families on the same schedule.  The Red Cohort will be in school on Monday and Tuesday and will learn remotely on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Gold Cohort will learn remotely on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and in school on Thursday and Friday.  Students in self-contained special education classrooms will attend in-person school on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday; on Wednesday, they will participate in remote learning.  Since Wednesday is a remote day for all students, we will deep clean the buildings on Wednesday and again on Saturday.  We are working with the YMCA, the Star program, and other agencies to explore child care options on remote learning days. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by the Olean City School District at these programs.
    2. 100% Remote. A family may also elect to go totally remote if they believe that works better for them. Please note:  If you select to go totally remote, you must commit to this for the entire marking period.  If students elect to return, it will be at the start of a new grading quarter.  Those enrolled in the hybrid model of learning can move into 100% remote at any time, but similarly, they cannot reenter the hybrid model until the new marking period begins.


    Please understand that should New York State regulations change to allow us to fully reopen, we would transition back to in-person learning every day in a safe and responsible manner.

    Additionally, should the New York State Education Department or the State or Local Departments of Health deem it too dangerous to continue in-person school, we will have to return to 100% remote instruction.  This plan allows us great flexibility to move in many directions depending on the ever changing events surrounding the COVID 19 pandemic.

    Meals will be provided to all students.  When learning in school, students will receive both breakfast and lunch in school. When learning at home on remote learning days, meals will be available at designated locations to be announced and will include breakfast and lunch. More specific details will be communicated with families in the near future.

    Questions:  Please do not call the school unless it is an emergency.  Please email us at HuskyStrong followed by @oleanschools.org with questions or suggestions. We will have staff monitoring this email, and we will respond as quick as possible.

    We would like to thank everyone for their patience and understanding in these unprecedented times. Be safe and stay #HuskyStrong!