• My lessons were based on a textbook series called, Big Ideas Math. Each of you should have a folder on the desktop of your laptop called MATH. In this folder you should find a dynamic digital copy of this book. In upcoming review opportunities, I will reference the textbook as a resource. If you are in periods 1, 2, or 8, you would choose the Math-8 book. If you are in periods 4 or 7, choose the Algebra 1 book. If you do not have this on your desktop, you can access the same books online.

    To access our textbook online, go to Big Ideas Math at Big Ideas Math


    Select "I am a student", and use your district username and password to log in.  We are working with the Common Core 2014 curriculum. 

    For Math 8, choose the blue book. 

    For Algebra 1, choose the purple book.

    You can also view the textbook without logging in by selecting the easy access home edition at the log in screen.   You would still select the Common Core 2014 curriculum and the blue or purple textbook.

Last Modified on March 21, 2020