Due to the COVID-19, we are on day seven of having no school, not being able to see our friends and teachers as often as we would like, being home-bound, practicing social distancing, and trying to stay sharp academically.  I don't know about you, but I am really looking forward to returning to school and returning to my normal daily routine!   Since we have to social distance and mostly stay home, it's important to take care of ourselves and do our part to support one another.  Below are some ways you can foster your social/emotional well-being:

    1.  Focus on the positive. 

    2.  Talk with an adult about your fears/concerns/problems.

    3.  Engage in relaxing activities, exercise, and have fun!

    4.  Only read and listen to factual information.

    5.  Stay calm.

    6. Try to stick with a healthy routine that includes adequate sleep, personal hygiene, school work, house work, and fun!

    7.  Never give up!


    Some ways to reduce tensions at home (and most places):

    1.  Be flexible and "go with the flow."

    2.  Watch your volume/tone of voice.  Talk calmly with others.

    3.  Take a break and get out and exercise.

    4.  Keep your room clean.

    5.  Help with the chores at home.

    6.  Ask your parents if they need help with anything, and then follow through.


    The best way to reach me until school is back in session is to email me at lallen@oleanschools.org.  I am checking my email on a regular basis and will respond or call you if necessary.


    See you soon!


    Mrs. Allen

Last Modified on March 24, 2020