Residential Plan
  • ***If you have turned in all of your assignments so far you are finished with Civil Engineering and Architecture, congratulations!  I will send you an email by the end of the day tomorrow if you are one of those people.  If you have not finished all assignments any assignment listed on this web page is able to be completed with the potential for full credit.  You have until June 19th do do this for all of these assignments!***


    Here are your assignments going from most recent to the oldest:

    Due Monday, June 1, at 8 am:


    You will complete a 1.5-2 page write up on the year.  In your write-up you should include the following talking points:

    1) The difference between civil engineering and architecture.

    2) which topic(s) interested you the most

    3) which topic interested you the least

    4) How this class will benefit you moving forward

    5) Some major differences between commercial and residential design

    6) The reasons for engineer/architect licensing and the reasons for building codes


    Thanks guys!  I will give you some more information regarding the end of the year later this week!


    Week of 5/18-5/22:

    This week we will look at landscaping.  You will take what you learn from the powerpoint and the video, and along with your creativity, create a new landscape for the front of the high school.

    Take Notes using this Powerpoint (as you do I would highlight areas you would like to use in your front lawn design for the school):  Landscaping

    Watch these videos:  Sketching a Landscape  Considerations and tasks for landscape engineers 

    Here is a google map of the High School Front Lawn:  Front Lawn HS

    Task to complete:  

    Sketch a new front lawn area with lawn space, garden areas, some additional parking, walkways, and one other new feature of choice.

    Include a written description defending what you have sketched that speaks to the location, size, functionality, and aesthetic appeal of each piece.

    Use rough dimensions in your sketch 

    This will be due on Monday at 8 am!


    Week of 5/11-5/15

    This week we will look at how to do the math behind the surveying.  I wish we could be hands on with this, outside of the school, but it is what it is!

    Notes:  Surveying Notes

    Helpful Youtube video (found by one of you!):  Surveying

    Homework:    Surveying and Surveying #2 



    Week of 5/4-5/8:

    I have some cool news, my son was born last Friday!  Samuel is his name and he was 8.04 lbs.  Ill post a pic later in the week.

    Complete:  Electrical Activity

    Also, make an electrical plan for either a kitchen or bathroom in your own house.  Be sure to show all switches, outlets, lighting, fans, and major appliances (for kitchen).  Refer to the two examples in the previous assignment for your symbols.  

    Both assignments will be due by 8 am Monday morning!


    Assignment for 4/26 - 5/1:


    The Romans were known to have used a rudimentary heating system that included a furnace in the basement and flues to distribute heat. The Egyptians, Indians, and others used man-powered, rope-powered, or water-powered fans to ventilate interior spaces. However, it wasn′t until the 1900s that heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems became common and replaced the open fires, stoves, and opening of windows and doors to provide basic HVAC functions.

    In most climates in the United States, you would be uncomfortable in a building today without heat in the winter, air-conditioning in the summer, and the circulation of fresh air. A variety of systems are used to condition interior space, including forced air, hot water, and radiant heat. These systems are an integral part of modern buildings and must be incorporated into the design and construction of residential, commercial, and industrial facilities.

    Generally, a mechanical engineer will consider many factors in the sizing of HVAC equipment and the design of the system to distribute the heat, cool air, and fresh air within the building. The heat loss or heat gain of the building based on building construction and materials—particularly insulation—is of primary concern. However, other factors important to an efficient HVAC system design include site orientation, infiltration of air, and the number of people, amount of lighting, and types of equipment used inside the building.

    In this activity you will learn to read mechanical drawings that document an HVAC design and identify the basic parts of an HVAC system. You will then create a preliminary HVAC design.

     View and take notes on this powerpoint:  HVAC

    Here are the complete set of Stuart Engalls Plans:  Stuart Engals Drawings

    Here is the specific plans you need for the assignment: HVAC Plan


    1. Review drawing M101 – Mechanical Plan for the Stuart-Engals II – First Floor Medical Office Upfit. Using four different colored pencils or highlighters, shade each of the following with a different color.
      • Air handling units
      • Supply ducts
      • Return ducts (including ducts that bring in outside air)
      • Vent ducts (that vent directly to the outside)
    2. Create a key to identify the HVAC equipment according to color.
    3. Refer to Stuart-Engals II – First Floor Medical Office Upfit drawings as necessary to complete the following. You may need to perform additional research to answer the questions.
      • What type of HVAC system is used in the Stuart-Engals II – First Floor Medical Office?
      • How are the air handling units attached to the structure?
      • How many zones (separate systems) are included in the first floor HVAC design? How can you tell?
      • What types of heating/cooling units are used in the HVAC design? Where are the units located?
      • Where are fans located in the HVAC design? What types of space(s) are ventilated using fans?
      • What type of piping is required to transfer the heat between the air handling unit and the heating/cooling unit?
      • What other piping is required for the heating/cooling units? What is its purpose?
      • How are air handling units and heat pumps powered? Where is this information shown?
      • With which code does the mechanical design for the Stuart-Engals II First Floor Medical Office design comply?

    * You will need to turn in the colored HVAC Plan as well as the answers to the questions above.  I know this will be difficult because I can physically point things out and show you different elements of the plan but do your best with the instruction from the powerpoint, by using the LEGEND on the plans, and by using your intuition!  Good Luck!

    *** This will be due Monday morning (5/4) by 8 am.


    Last weeks assignment for the week of 4/20 - 4/24: 

    This week we will talk more about utilities as they pertain to Commercial Buildings as well as their history. 

    Here is your assignment:

    Utilities Project- Unit 3.3.1


    Choose one of each of the following utilities:


    Power (electric)

    Water Supply




    Research as least the following generic information:

    *** this may need some adaptation depending on the  utility!!!



    Possible sources or providers for the utility (BOTH Public and Private)

    Transmission or distribution methods

    Methods of measuring usage

    Sizing Requirements

    Development over time


    Create a 1 page word document containing a few diagrams and pictures containing the information you have found.  This should not be a written report so much as a bulleted handout meant for notes and learning.  Please be organized and space efficient!


    *** These assignments will be shared with your peers and used to complete a quiz of sorts, so be sure they are well done!!!



    Assingment for 4/13-4/17:

    Since last week was a little larger assignment I am going a little lighter this week with some review from our first Unit of the year.

    View these two powerpoints in review to help you answer the assignment (make sure you read the presenter notes at the bottom of each PowerPoint, it's where the goodies are): 

    History Powerpoint   

    Principles and Elements PowerPoint


    Complete: Chapter 1 Review

    I will be adding a video to watch later in the week!  Talk to you soon!


    Last week's assignment for the week of 4/6 through 4/10 (you can still turn it in with a small penalty):

    Choose one of the following engineering forms:

    Romanesque Arch

    Gothic Arch

    Barrel Vault 

    Groin Vault

    Fan Vault


    Beam and Column



    Create Either a trifold (Microsoft Publisher) Or a PowerPoint containing the following:

    - The name of the form prominently displayed

    - Historical Background of the form

    - When did it develop?

    - Why did it develop?

    - What materials were historically used?

    - A discussion about how loads are carried and transferred in the form

    - At least 4 images of the form in use

    Email me with an attachment to whichever format you choose.


    Good Luck!