Additional Assignments to Practice:

    (When you are done with the Daily Lessons)

    1. Click Freckle and complete these:

    • Math:      Complete 2 fact practices each day. Complete assignments for 30 minutes each day. 
    • ELA:        Read each story 2 times and complete the questions each day. Work on ELA for 30 minutes.
    • Science:  Read: "Energy and Living Things" and "Electricity," then complete the questions, using the text. 
    • Social Studies:  Read: "The Wampanoag" and complete the questions. Please look back in the text.:)

    2. Click Kidsa-z  and complete these:

    • read for 30 minutes and complete the quiz for each story
    • read or listen to the story more than once and use the text :)

    3. Go to Office 365, click TEAMS, and complete the assignments.

         Send me a CHAT message when you are done!

Last Modified on April 20, 2020