• Welcome!  Please use the information below to help you find (and join) your Quizlet class group.

    Go to : http://quizlet.com

    Sign up and create an account, then...

    Finding Groups

    If you aren't a member of any groups, click on "My Groups" to get started.

    Click Search existing groups or search for groups to find groups by searching words in the title or description of the group.
    **My groups are titled, "Olean High School's Living Environment Classes" AND "Olean High School's Applied Biochemistry Classes"

    You can also search for the username of the group's creator (if you know it) by clicking on “Invite/Find your friends,” listed under Quick Links on the home page:


    Simply click on the group's name in the search results:


    If you're looking for a specific group (for example, your class section), ask the group creator to send you or tell you the link to the group

    Joining Groups

    You can join most existing groups by simply clicking "join" from the group's main page.


    If the group is not public you will need to apply for acceptance or get the password to enter the group from the creator or a group manager.


    When you have been accepted into a group, it will show up on your "Groups" list on your dashboard or on your "My Groups” or “My Friends" page.

    Leaving Groups:

    You can leave a group by clicking the “Leave Group” link at the top of the group’s page.


Last Modified on May 10, 2019