• Senior Year

    Senior Timeline 
    SAT/ACT exams will be given throughout the year-see main Guidance page for dates and times.
    November-Complete all college applications by Thanksgiving using the Common Application www.commonapp.org   Guidance will complete a letter of recommendation, GPA, Rank, add your transcript and the Guidance Counselor portion of the application.  BE SURE TO CHECK FOR APPLICATION DEADLINES ON THE COLLEGE WEBSITE!
    October 1- Students may begin the financial aid process.  All students will need to file a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) for college. This form is now completed online at www.fafsa.gov.  Students and one parent will need to creat a FAFSA ID to "sign" the FAFSA form electronically.  MAKE SURE YOU WRITE DOWN YOU and YOUR PARENT'S FAFSA ID and KEEP IT IN A SAFE PLACE.  YOU WILL NEED TO REFILE THE FAFSA EACH YEAR AND WILL USE THE SAME FAFSA ID.  Once the FAFSA form is completed students will be able to login and view their Federal financial aid award. If your child is attending a New York State College they should also file for TAP at the end of the FAFSA form.  TAP is the NYS Tuition Assistance Program which offers grants (does not need to be repaid) to financially eligible students who are attending a college in New York State.
    Financial aid can be in the form of a grant (which is not paid back), a Federal loan (must be repaid) or a school work study program (the student will seek out a campus job and receive aid through work).
    January-Some colleges will request "mid-year" grades.  The Guidance secretary will make sure that any mid-years requested are sent to the appropriate college and record when the information was sent.
    November/December 1-Local scholarships become available through our Guidance Office.  Scholarships are announced daily on the announcements along with the due dates. Students should stop by at least once a week to see "what's new." 
    Spring of senior year:  The majority of our local scholarships are now offered through the Cattaraugus County Regional Foundation at www.cattfoundation.org and click on "
    March-Students interested in the Armed Forces can see their Guidance Counselor to get connected with a local recruiter.
Last Modified on October 2, 2018