• Monday, March 15th:  outlines

    Tuesday, March 16th and Wednesday, March 17th:  first draft

    Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th: - peer review; return peer-reviewed papers by Monday


    week of March 8th:   modes thesis, prewriting, outlining; DCA reflection


    Monday, March 1st - introduce major portfolio assignment #2 (Modes of Exposition); introduce Sharepoint  Assign:  journaling for Modes of Exposition (optional assignment - submit excerpt from journal for feedback - due Wednesday, March 3rd)

    Tuesday, March 2nd  - Thursday, March 4th - set up Sharepoint; journaling

    Friday, March 5th - guest expert on Sharepoint

    week of March 8th:  reflection paper on DCA, thesis writing, prewriting and first draft of Modes of Exposition


    Monday, Feb 22:  discuss modes of exposition journaling assignment:  peer review for thesis, ethos, logos, pathos, topic sentences and transition

    Tuesday, Feb 23:  peer review for egregious errors, word choice:  got, big, thing (MLA formatting - pagination, removing extra space between paragraphs, demonstrative pronouns at the beginning of sentences, write out numbers through twn)

    Wednesday, Feb 24 -  Friday Feb 26th:  optional peer review, work on rewrites and journaling


    Monday, Feb 8th - go over introductions and thesis statement

    Tuesday, Feb 9th - finish introductions and thesis statments, discuss outlining

    Wednesday, Feb 10th - Thursday, Feb 11th - outlines and first drafts

    Friday, Feb 12th - peer review process 






    Monday, January 25th - discuss TEWWG; review for test

    Tuesday, January 26th - TEWWG test

    Wednesday, January 27th - individual conferences 

    Thursday, January 28th - introduction to JCC coursework


    Tuesday, January 19th:  discuss chapters 15-18 - finish the book by Monday January 25th (you will not need to turn in notes for the last chapters as the test will focus on these chapters)

    Wednesday, January 20th - reading day

    Thursday, January 21st - Friday, Jan 22nd - discuss self-actualization



    Monday, January 11th - work on poetry recitations, due Tuesday at midnight

    Tuesday, January 12th - discuss chapters 13-14  Assign:  chapters 15-18 for Tuesday, January 19th at 10am

    Wednesday, January 13th - reading day

    Thursday, January 14th - service composition due Tuesday at midnight

    Friday, January 15th - service composition


    Monday, January 4th - discuss Audacity and MP3 submissions - due date tba

    Tuesday, January 5th - discuss TEWWG through chapter 9 Assign:  10-12 for Friday

    Wednesday, January 6th - reading day

    Thursday, January 7th - discuss self-actualization and reflection assignment - due Tuesday January 19th at midnight

    Friday, January 8th - reading quiz on TEWWG through chapter 12  Assign:  chapters 13-14 for Tuesday

    Monday, January 11th - reading day



    Monday, December 21st - discuss TEWWG  Assign:  7-9 due Tuesday midnight

    Tuesday:  reading day

    over break - no homework is assigned, but if you want to get ahead of your, your next readding assignments will be cin these clusters:  chapters 10-12, chapters 13-14, chapters 15 - 18, chapters 19-20.  Also, your MP3 recording of your poems using Audacity (one serious reading, one reading experimenting with effects) will be due a week or so after we return.



    Monday, December 14th:  continue chapters 2 and 3 of TEWWG

    Tuesday, December 15th:  discuss chapters 2 and 3  Assign:  4 through 6 for Friday

    Wednesday, December 16th:  optional scansion revisions due by the end of class)

    Thursday, December 17th:  finish discussion of chapter 3 

    Friday, December 18th:  discuss chapters 4 through 6




    Monday, December 7th:  work on scansion exercise (due tomorrow at midnight), discuss poetry MP3 files (due date to be determined)

    Tuesday, December 8th:  finish scanscion exercise  Assign:  chapter 1 of Their Eyes Were Watching God with notes due Wednesday at midnight)

    Wednesday, December 9th:  read chapter 1 of TEWWG and take notes (MLA pagination required)

    Thursday, December 10th:  discuss TEWWG chapter 1 Assign:  chapters 2 + 3 for Monday

    Friday, December 11th:  finish chapter 1 discussion


    Monday, November 30th - in class time to read "The Search for Utopia"

    Tuesday, December 1st - in class time to write assignment regarding "The Search for Utopia" 

    Wednesday, December 2nd -  Friday, December 4th - review of poetry terminology, scansion (assignments regarding technique and MP3 version of poems to be posted)

    next week:  Their Eyes Were Watching God


    Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th - poetry and grammar - assignment posted in Assignments


    Monday, November 16th:  discuss Pretty Horses

    Tuesday, November 17th:  Pretty Horses test (Friends of the Library extra credit due by midnight)

    Wednesday, November 18th - Friday, November 24th:  grammar and poetry exercise



    Wednesday, November 11th - Friday, November 13th:  catch up on late assignments, finish reading Pretty Horses, choose poems for poetry unit


    Wednesday, November 4th  - continue reading All the Pretty Horses  (book due Friday, November 13th)

    Thursday, November 5th - introduction to subordinate clauses

    Friday, November 6th - continue subordinate clauses  Assign:  review exercises

    Monday, November 9th - poetry - choose poems to work with from Poetry Out Loud website

    Tuesday, November 10th - poetry


    Wednesday, October 28th:  finish stereotype reflection

    Thursday, October 29th:  discuss Pretty Horses  assign:  finish Pretty Horses for Friday, November 13th

    Friday, October 30th:  grammar review

    Monday, November 2nd:  grammar review

    Tuesday, November 3rd:  grammar test


    Wednesday, October 21st:  continue to work on free writing assignment - due at midnight

    Thursday, October 22nd:  turn free writing assignment into poem

    Friday, October 23rd:  discuss Pretty Horses through page 188  Assign through 252 for next Friday

    Monday, October 26th:  grammar review

    Tuesday, October 27th:  grammar review




    Wednesday, October 14th - work on essay and reading assignment

    Thursday, October 15th - parts of speech worksheet  Assign reading 132 - 151 for Monday

    Friday, October 16th - discuss Pretty Horses / grammar

    Monday, October 19th:  discuss Pretty Horses / grammar Assign reading 152 - 188 for Friday

    Tuesday, October 20th:  poetry




    Wednesday, October 7th - in class reading Pretty Horses through page 78; consult Gruber's SAT packet in the class materials folder if you need additional review of parts of speech

    Thursday, October 8th - discuss Pretty Horses, additional grammar practice   Assign:  Pretty Horses through page 132 for Thursday, October 15th

    Friday, October 9th - grammar practice

    Monday, October 12 - no school

    Tuesday, October 13th - go over proofreading list, write stereotype essay, grammar practice (this will be a short assignment due Thursday)

    Wednesday, October 14th - finish essay and reading assignment - for Friday October 16th



    Wed, Sept 30 - grammar worksheet, read pages 7 -14

    Thurs, Oct 1 - go over grammar worksheet, discuss pp 7-14; assign through page 56 before class on Tuesday, Oct 6

    Fri, Oct 2 - grammar practice

    Mon, Oct 5 - grammar practice

    Tues, Oct 6 - discuss PH  Assign 57-96 before class on Tuesday, Oct 13



    Wednesday, Sept 23 - read and listen to "To a Mouse"

    Thursday, Sept 24 - begin reading Pretty Horses (discuss style)

    Friday, Sept 25 - introduce turnitin takeaway assignment (due Tuesday Sept 29); continue Pretty Horses (reading assignment tba)

    Mon Sept 28 - introduction to basic grammar terminology

    Tues Sept 29 - continue grammar - introduce stereotype essay which will be assigned next week

    Please let me know if you are interested in participating in Poetry Out Loud this year!!!


    Wednesday, Sept 16th - summer reading assessment (My Antonia)

    Thursday, Sept 17th - summer reading assessment (identity packet)

    Friday, Sept 18th - discuss critical reading assignment, "Deadly Kids..."

    Monday, Sept 21 -  work on critical reading assignment

    Tuesday, Sept 22 - assess critical reading assignment; introduction to All the Pretty Horses (I will discuss book availability in class); proofreading list


    Wednesday, Sept 9 - welcome back!

    Thursday, Sept 10 - create turnitin.com account, intro to "Listening" assignment (due Sept 15th)

    Friday, Sept 11 - discuss summer reading

    Monday, Sept 14 - discuss summer reading

    Tuesday, Sept 15th - summer reading assessment (Mice and Men)


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