• Monday, March 15th - Wednesday, March 17th:  finish Hemingway

    Thursday, March 18th and Friday, March 19th - read "Use of Force" 


    week of March 8th:  preparation for senior round-up


    Monday, March 1st - Friday, March 5th - Lax

    week of March 8th - preparation of senior meetings


    Monday, February 22nd - Friday, February 26th:  watch Frost adaptation and work on cross-genre assignments 


    Monday, February 8th:  "Death of the Hired Man"

    Tuesday, February 9th:  "Death of the Hired Man"  "Out, Out --"

    Wednesday, February 10th and Thursday, February 11th:  review Frost poetry

    Friday, February 11th:  essay




    Monday, January 25th - Thursday, January 28th:  all research should be completed by now. These days will be individual conferencing for students who are behind.


    Tuesday, January 19th - Friday, Jan 22nd:  work on final drafts


    Monday, Jan 11th - Friday, Jan 15th:  work on first drafts, which are due on Friday at midnight.


    Monday, Jan 4th - discuss outlines, paraphrasing, attribution  Assign:  final outline due Wednesday at midnight

    Tuesday, Jan 5th and Wednesday, Jan 6th - work on final outlines

    Thursday, jan 7th - the first draft

    Friday, Jan 8th - work on the first draft


    Monday, December 21st and December 22nd:  work on outlines.  Outlines which are submitted on time and which students agree to sharing for discussion (when we return from break) will receive extra credit.


    Monday, December 14th:  work on thesis statements - due at midnight

    Tuesday, December 15th:  introduction to the research outline

    Wednesday, December 16th - Friday, December 18th:  work on outlines

    Monday, December 21st:  share out work - final outlines due before break


    Monday, December 7th and Tuesday, December 8th:  work on final research works consulted and introduction

    Wednesday, December 9th:  set up individual conferences

    Thursday, December 10th:  discuss thesis and outline

    Friday, December 11th:  work on thesis and outline


    Monday, November 30th - go over first drafts of annotated works consulted and introductions.  Final drafts are due Tuesday,  December 8th.

    Students are expected to log into class on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.  Wednesdays are asynchronous.    Students are encouraged to make appointments for individual conferences on Wednesdays.



    Monday, November 23rd and Tuesday, November 24th - work on introduction to research

    No assignment over break!  Please enjoy the time away from your computer screen!



    Monday, November 16th:  discuss introduction to research, due Monday, November 23rd

    Tuesday, November 17th - Tuesday, November 23rd:  work on introduction to research  (students who finish their introduction early can submit them to turnitin.com and then begin the outline, which we will work on after Thanksgiving break).



    Wednesday, November 11th - Friday, November 13th:  students are working on owed assignments and finishing the annotated works consulted, due Tuesday, November 17th at midnight.  



    Wednesday, November 4th - students should begin to think about introduction and outline

    Thursday, November 5th - discuss MLA citations and introduction

    Friday, November 6th - work on introduction and MLA citations

    Monday, November 9th - work on introduction and MLA citations

    Tuesday, November 10th - work on introduction and MLA citations


    Wednesday, October 28th - Tuesday, November 3rd:  finish "next 5 sources" - once sources are submitted, students should begin organizing their notes from their artiicles


    Wednesday, October 21st:  continue looking for next 5 articles

    Thursday, October 22nd:  work on corrections for the first 5 articles - assignment must be resubmitted by midnight, Friday

    Friday, October 23rd:  work on corrections

    Monday, October 26th:  find next 5 articles

    Tuesday, October 27th:  continue working on next 5 articles - due November 3rd


    Wednesday, October 14:  continue finding first 5 articles, writing summary and crebility assessment

    Thursday, October 15:  if finished with first 5 articles, move on to next 5 

    Friday, October 16th:  next 5 articles

    Monday, October 19th:  next 5 articles

    Tuesday, October 20th:  Mr. Moore's senior JCC day....more information forthcoming


    Wednesday, October 7th:  formulate research question

    Thursday, October 8th: review of assignments

    Friday, October 9th: introduction to databases and preliminary research assignment:  find 5 articles and for each article, write a 3-5 sentence summary and 3-5 sentence credibility report (using CRAAP criteria) - due date is Friday, October 16th.  Keep copies of all electronic sources in a file!  Include URL links!

    Monday, October 12:  no school!

    Tuesday, Cotber 13th:  continue with preliminary research assignment

    Wednesday, October 14th:  continue with preliminary research assignment


    Wed, Sept 30 -  begin CRAAP assignment (using goals research)

    Thurs, Oct 1 - discuss the CRAAP test

    Fri, Oct 2 - work on CRAAP test assignment - due Wednesday Oct 8th

    Mon Oct 5 - work on personal essay / college app rewrite

    Tues Oct 6 - work on personal essay / college app rewrite due Friday, October 14th 


    Wed, Sept 23 - asynchronous learning - read Maya Angelou's "Graduation"

    Thurs, Sept 24 - discuss Maya Angelou's essay; college essay prompt; goals research assignment

    Fri, Sept 25 - work on college essay prompt, goals research assignment (due Tuesday at midnight)

    Monday, Sept 28th - work on college essay prompt; goals research assignment

    Tuesday, Sept 29th - work on college essay prompt; goals research assignment

    **If you want to participate in this year's Poetry Out Loud competition, please let me know!!!


    Wednesday, Sept 16th - read "goals" article - begin the assignment

    Thursday, Sept 17 - discuss rewrites on "What You Did This Summer," introduce research questions (rewrite due on the 22nd, research questions due on the 22nd)

    Friday, Sept 18th - work on rewrites

    Monday, Sept 21 - work on rewrites

    Tuesday - introduce personal narrative - Malcolm X


    Wednesday, Sept 9th - welcome back!

    Thursday, Sept 10th - create turnitin.com account, introduction to "What You Did This Summer" assignment - Due Tuesday 15th

    Friday, Sept 11th - introduce "Listening" assignment - due Tuesday 15th, introduce Proofreading Guide

    Monday, Sept 14th - in class time to work on two compositions

    Tuesday, Sept 15th - introduce "goals" assignment

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