• Hello Huskies, 

    Welcome back to another school year, even though it is unlike any other.  During our remote learning here are a few hints to being successful in your academics.  


    1.  Follow your schedule.  When you are remote, follow the schedule as if you were in class.  When you enter, the teachers will take attendance and give you further instructions.  Some may have you stay in the class, some will have you watch their video, and some may have you to the assignment on their teams page.  


    2.  Try your best.  If you are having trouble, reach out to the teacher in the chat feature of teams.  If you are doing the hybrid model, talk to the teacher when you are in school.  We are here to help.  but you have to try!


    3.  Make sure you are turning in your assignments properly.  Some are coming through as blank pages.


    4.  Check your eschool student portal.  This will show you what your current grade is.  If you see you are missing assignments, talk to the teacher to see if there is still time to make them up.  If you forgot how to access this, check out the OIMS webpage, under team go to the Guidance department and it is on the left hand side of the page.  I also have this video on our Microsoft Office Teams page. If you are still having trouble, send me a chat and we will help.  


    5.  Get plenty of sleep.  Just because you are home does not mean you can stay up all night .  You should again be following the same routine as if you were in school.


    Please remember, the chats portion of teams is not to just chat with friends all night.  We are getting many calls that students are cyber bullying other students while online.  A rule of thumb I tell  students is, if you can't say it to their face, then don't put it down in words.  Your teachers can see everything you are writing while in teams.  They also know how long you are on their page working.

      Also, if you are in class, don't be chatting with your friends or creating other group chats during this time.  


    If I can be of assistance or you have any issues or questions, I can be reached by my email at mwenke@oleanschools.org and chatting with me on Teams.  We also have a guidance page on Teams where we will give you important information.  I can also be reached in the guidance office at 716 375-8073.  






Last Modified on February 17, 2022