Textbook help

  • Steps to get to McGraw Hill Science textbook:

    1.  Go to oleanschools.org

    2.  Under the Select a School button, click on the Student tab

    3.  The first link is Class Link.  Click on class link and it will ask you to sign in.  This is your regular sign in for your computer.

    4.  On the new page, click on the backpack icon at the bottom.

    5.  Now look for the folder with science.  You do not need to open the folder.  Click on the red icon (McGraw Hill Education).

    6.  It will ask you to sign in to McGraw Hill.  Here is your information:

                    Username:     Your normal sign in username for your computer  Example:  RGAYTON26  (or RGAYTON25 if you are in 8th grade)

                    Password:    Capitalize your initials, next 2 letters of your last name lowercase, then four digits for your lunch card.            Example:  RGay1234

    7.  If you are still having problems, please feel free to send me a chat and I will do my best to help you.  Please remember that I have classes and may be busy.  I also will not respond to messages sent after 3:30 or on the weekend.



Last Modified on October 23, 2020