Hello Everyone!


    Well, we made it, through this crazy year, at least. I am so very proud of my students, who showed true grit and perseverance during this unprecedented time. My wishes for you:

    • Involvement with music and the Arts for life
    • The realization that we need to stick togther on this planet- accepting, loving and helping each other out to the  best of our ability
    • Get out of your "comfort zone"...that's where we grow
    • Explore this incredible world...explore the many many cultures that coexist on Earth- so much joy to be discovered
    • Feel the fear and DO IT ANYWAY
    • Keep moving forward...
    • Learn to love yourself.
    • Keep singing, keep swimming 
    • Stay involved in making this world a better place. 

    YOU have made this world such a better place, for me, and many many others. ...THANK YOU for being a part of my life and for the memories to last a lifetime. I am retiring, but I'll be watching, I'll be listening..." Let music surround you, let it warm your heart, those who sing in harmony...never grow apart."

    You will sing in my heart for always. Love you forever! 

     Ms. Rhody 

    "Singing is a gateway to the soul." - Ahmad Burney
    Teacher Schedule:
    • Period 1:  Lessons
    • Period 2:Lessons
    • Period 3: Lessons
    • Period 4: Select Choir/Concert Choir
    • Period 5: Concert Choir/Lunch
    • Period 6: Lunch/Concert Choir
    • Period 7: Lessons
    • Period 8: Lessons

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Last Modified on June 22, 2020