• 2023-2024 Board of Education Goals


    OCSD School Board Vision, Mission, Goal Categories, Statements, and Objectives


    Vision Statement:

    •The Olean City School District will support excellence by holding everyone to high standards in academics, character, extracurriculars, and service.

    •Our district will uphold a culture of acceptance, inclusion, and equity for all, while embracing the diversity of our community. We will create and foster a safe and positive climate for our students, staff, and families that is adaptive for the ever-changing needs of society.

    •Our students will graduate future-focused, engaged, resilient, and prepared to achieve their goals. 

    •Our staff will be learner-centered, innovative, inquisitive, professional, and committed to student success.

    •Our families will be engaged, collaborative partners in academic success for all.


    Mission Statement:

    The Olean City School District is a studentcentered community of excellence in which all members are challenged to learn, achieve, contribute, and innovate.


    2023-24 Goal Categories and Statements with Priorities


    Student Achievement: The Olean City School District will provide opportunities to support the achievement of all students as they increase their capacity for learning and progress toward excellence.

    • Offer academically rigorous courses and/or pathways
    • Increase graduation rate and increase Regents with Advanced Designation and/or Honors and/or credentials/seals.
    • Improve student proficiency in New York learning standards


    Personnel: The Olean City School District will support the recruitment, training, and retention of a highly qualified and diverse staff.

    • Recruit highly qualified staff
    • Develop and support high-performing staff
    • Retain highly effective staff


    Financial Responsibility: The Olean City School District will be a faithful steward of the community’s financial commitment to the students and will be responsible for managing all resources.

    • Ensure excellent financial management
    • Ensure efficient use of resources


    Safe and Supportive Learning Environment: The Olean City School District will provide a safe and supportive learning environment that is inclusive, nurturing, and responsive to the socio-emotional and mental health needs of all students and staff.

    • Provide support for social and emotional learning for all
    • Create and maintain a safe, orderly, positive learning environment for all that promotes attendance
    • Establish and maintain clear and high expectations for excellence for all stakeholders
    • Cultivate culturally responsive learning environments for all


    Community, Communication, and Transparency: The Olean City School District will foster trust and engagement through open two-way communication, outreach, and responsiveness to all internal and external stakeholders.

    • Increase the effectiveness of stakeholder engagement experiences
    • Improve opportunities for innovative stakeholder collaboration
    • Improve and ensure effective district internal and external communication