• There are many valuable apps and websites available and new ones pop up every day.  Olean City Schools is committed to providing the best tools available to its students and staff.  If you find an app or website you would like to use, there are certain criteria and safeguards that must be met before it can be used in the classroom or with students.  To that end, there is a process that needs to be followed to receive approval for any new digital resource. 

    1. Building Principal
      1. Is this a resource we want to use?
      2. How many grade levels can utilize this resource?

    2. Director of Curriculum
      1. Does this fit our curriculum?
      2. Do we have a similar product already?
      3. Is the rest of the grade level aware and willing to use this resource?

    3. Data Privacy Officer (ED LAW 2D)
      1. Does this collect PII?
      2. If so, can we get an ED LAW 2D agreement with them?

    4. Director of Technology
      1. Deployment

    In order to start this process, simply fill out the form here: