• Members of the Olean City School District
    Board of Education 2022 - 2023
  • Mary Hirsch-Schena - Term Until 2026 - President
  • Julio Fuentes - Term Until 2026 - Vice-President
  • Andrew Caya - Term Until 2023 - Board Member
  • Daniel J. Farnham - Term Until 2027 - Board Member
  • Lee W. Filbert - Term Until 2027 - Board Member
  • Ira Katzenstein - Term Until 2024 - Board Member
  • Kelly Keller - Term Until 2025 - Board Member
  • James E. Padlo - Term Until 2023 - Board Member
  • Rychelle Weseman - Term Until 2023 - Board Member

    Should you wish to email the Board of Education, you may do so by using the email address:
    "oleanboe", followed by the "@" symbol and finished with "oleanschools.org".
    Individual Board Members can be reached using:
    first inital last name followed by @oleanschools.org example jsmith@oleanschools.org.

    If you wish to speak at a Board of Education meeting during the public comment section, please be aware of Board Policy 3220, "Public Expression at Meetings".  This policy states the need to sign up no later than noon on the Wednesday prior to each meeting to request to speak during the Public Comment portion. Upon receiving the request, the Superintendent, Board President and Vice President shall determine the merit of the item/topic as it pertains to the work of the Board. The President, at their discretion, can forego the timing requirement if deemed necessary, prior to a Board meeting. 

     Link to the policy: Policy 3220

Current Agendas and Board Documents