• Members of the Olean City School District
    Board of Education 2021 - 2022
    Board Member Term Until Status
    Andrew Caya 2023 President
    Paul Hessney 2022 Vice-President
    Janine Fodor 2022 Board Member
    Julio Fuentes 2026 Board Member
    Tyrone Hall 2022 Board Member
    Mary Hirsch-Schena 2026 Board Member
    Ira Katzenstein 2024 Board Member
    Kelly Keller 2025 Board Member
    James E. Padlo 2023 Board Member


    How to email a board member:
    Use the first initial and last name of the person followed by the "@" symbol and finish with "oleanschools.org" - see example below.
    (i.e. jsmith@oleanschools.org )

Current Agendas and Board Documents