Dr. Michael Irizarry



    REPORTS TO: Superintendent


    1. Receives complaints/suspicions of non-compliance from employees, officers, others;

    2. Reports all compliant/suspicions to the Superintendent;

    3. Conducts informal/formal investigation if so delegated; by the Superintendent of President of the Board of Education;

    4. Conducts a compliance meeting with staff at least annually;

    5. Reports to the Board of Education annually all complaints/suspicions, and updates them on the compliance program;

    6. Reports any findings of non-compliance to the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General;

    7. Arranges and conducts a self audit at least annually and reports to the Board of Education and Superintendent;

    8. Arranges for or conducts training sessions on Medicaid compliance with all appropriate new employees as well as Administration and Board of Education;

    9. Reports each December to Medicaid Inspector General that a compliance meeting has taken place and the compliance program is in place.