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    Contacts for Tech Support:

    Hardware – email  OCSDTechSupport followed by @oleanschools.org 

    Software – e-mail dlasky followed by @oleanschools.org

    Week of May 25, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    During week 11 of Coronavirus lockout:
    • This is the last week for new material.
    • There are 2 new lessons this week: 
      • The Impact of the Internet
      • Internet Quiz
    • You should have all pink boxes updated.
    • You should have all lessons 2-5 complete
    • You should have all of the Internet Lesson completed by the end of the week.
    • Your Final Project is Due by June 5 and I will NOT ACCEPT IT AFTER JUNE 12 at Midnight.  You will notice the dropbox in Teams will close and take no further assignments after that time!
    • Your final project is 20% of your final grade.  MP1 is 40% and MP2 is 40%.
    • All other assignments can be turned in until midnight on June 17.  My grades are due June 19.
    • There is also an evaluation for all students in the JCC section that opens this week.  If you are taking this for JCC credit, please complete the evaluation.
    • Next week I will have one final quiz in which all students who do it will get a 100% but I will need you to complete it.  Web Design Post test.  If you wish to get it done this week go ahead!
    • Please e-mail me when you submit your final project.
    • Remember the class meeting on Wednesday at 3:00.  I will not forget this week!

    Week of May 18, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    During week 10 of Coronavirus lockout:
    • You need to have at least 1-2 pages of HTML complete or your final project and the CSS should be well on its way.
    • Complete Units 2 - 5
    • You need to have the Internet Lesson Getting Started and Hardware - Due last Friday
    • Internet Lesson Addresses and DNS due Wednesday
    • Internet Lesson Routing and Packets & Protocols due this Friday, May 22.
    • The final two lessons in this course are due on Friday, May 29. 
    • Final Project due June 5.
    • JCC Evaluation will open on June 1 and you have until June 5 to complete it.  Watch your assignment section.
    • We will not be doing the Bootstrap section in CodeHS.  You can do it for enrichment if you want.  No extra credit!

    Remember our class meeting on Wednesday at 3:00 pm in Teams, I hope I do!  Any Questions...You know I am available!

    Week of May 11, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    During week 9 of Coronavirus lockout it is time to start coding your final project.
    • Make sure you read the assignment section of Microsoft Teams for this course so that you can find all the requirements of the final project. 
    • Remember your final project is due June 5, 2020
    • If you have not yet do so, please complete Lessons 2-5
    • Next, do the first two sections of the Internet Lesson.
      • Getting Started - The Internet
      • Internet Hardware
    • Some of the information may be a repeat of what we did in CSC1510, but it go in a little deeper and a nice refresher.
    • Hold off on the Web Design Post Test.  This wil be done after the Final Project is turned in.

    Week of May 4, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    During week 8 of Coronavirus lockout it is time to continue the planning of your final project.
    • Make sure you complete Units 2-5 - All grades are in eSchool.  Zeros are in for incomplete assignments.  You still need to finish these assignments.  Thank you to the 2 students that are up to date.
    • Last week you should have started planning the final project.  I have put the specifications out in the Teams post section.  When you are planning your web page you need to draw pictures for yourself witht he information that you will have on the page with the looks and the colors and the graphics you are going to be using.  This is what was assigned last week.
    • This week, you need to set a schedule for your self and start coding.  This must eb done outside the CodeHS environment.  You wil be sending the files to me in a zip file.  You need to include your HTML files, your CSS file, and any pictures you are putting on your page unless you are just using a pointer to a picture on some ofhter page.  Make sure you cite the images on the page.
    • Next week we will be starting another section on the Internet.
    • Remember our class meeting on Wednesday at 3:00.  They last a maximum of 15 minutes and you are graded for your attendance!

    Week of April 27, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    During week 7 of Coronavirus lockout it is time to start your final project.
    • Complete Units 2 - 5
    • I would like to you plan your final project.  This web page will have specifications outlined in Teams by mid-week.
    • Section 7.1.1 is created for you to brainstorm and write your ideas.  I know that you will need at least 3 pages to your web site.
    • One of these pages will be titled about me.  
    • You will also need navigation to the 3 pages with a menu of links at the top of the page.
    • You will also need a single CSS page that formats all three pages of your web site.

    After you brainstorm, you will need to write it up in section 7.1.1 of CodeHS

    I have also added two additional sections of CodeHS to this unit.  The first one goes into further depth on how the internet orks and the second is on Bootstrap.  We will work on these after the final project is done.  The final project is the final exam for this course.

    Remember our team meeting in Teams Wednesday, April 29th at 3:00 pm

    Week of April 20, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    Week 6 of Cronaviris lockout has begun.  Here is your list for the week:
    • Mandatory Class Meeting on Wednesday, April 22 at 3:00 in Teams
    • Office hours every day Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 3:00 contact me in teams or e-mail.  I monitor both through out the day.  We also can have a chat in teams to share your screen if you don't know how to do something.
    • Monday: Lessons 5.1 and 5.2 - Due Tuesday at midnight
    • Tuesday: Lesson 5.3 - Due Wednesday at midnight
    • Wednesday: Lesson 5.4 and 5.5 - Due Thursday at midnight
    • Thursday: Lesson 5.6 and 5.7 - Due Friday at midnight
    • Friday: Lesson 5.8 Quiz - Due Sunday at midnight.
    • Remember due dates are set to keep you moving along.  I will accept late work, however, you need to be working on the assignments.  You need to loginto CodeHS at least 4 times each week to keep up with the work.
    • Hopefully we will be back soon.  As of now, the date from the governor is May 15.

    Week of April 13, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    Good Morning!  After our meet-up this morning, I have decided to change the meeting time to 3:00 pm on Wednesdays.  Our next mandatory meetup will be on April 15, 2020 at 3:00 pm. Please tell me if this is a problem for anyone.  For the rest of this week and next, you are to complete all work through Lesson 4.  Any work, on lessons 2, 3, or 4, not completed by Midnight, Sunday, April 19th will be a zero. Have a nice Easter and stay safe!  My office hours are Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 3:00.  We can connect by e-mail, teams chat, or teams meeting. On Wednesday we will have our class meeting (or virtual office hours)

    Week of April 6, 2020 - CSC1530 - Web Publishing
    1.  All of Lessons 2 and 3 are due.  These have been assigned over the past 2 weeks.  Lesson 3 is due by Wednesday, April 8, 2020
    at 11:59 pm
    2.  Class meeting on teams on Wednesday morning, April 8, 2020 at 8:30 am
    3.  Please contact me by email - dlasky followed by @oleanschools.org or through chat in teams.
    4.  We will begin our first programming assignment on Thursday, April 9, 2020 and will be due on April 24, 2020.
    5.  All previous assignments are due by April 24, 2020 at 11:59 pm or you will receive a score of zero for the assignments.
    6.  Since this is a JCC College Connections course you are expected to keep up with the class material and complete the work as assigned.
    March 22, 2020
    Hello Everyone.  In order to finish our class and still get JCC credit, we are required to continue teaching new material. 
    Please login to Microsoft Teams to see how to continue.
    I will be putting assignments out in the assignment section of Microsoft teams.  I will know when they are complete.  Please stay on top of the material.  The time will go fast and since this is a JCC class, you will be expected to do the work and be graded on it. 
    The first section - Section 2 - is all review.  I will have a help sheet out in teams and on this page by the end of tonight that will show you how to work the exercise section of the site where you will have to do the bulk of the graded work. 
    There are also quizzes and tests on this material.  I suggest VERY STRONGLY that you take notes as you watch the videos.  The videos are short usually less than 10 minutes each.  If you have any questions, please post them in Microsoft Teams. 
    If they are for me start them with @dlasky and my name should come up.  That way I get a notification that you have a question and I can stop what I am doing and help you.  We can have a live chat in teams.  You can also use your Outlook in Office 365 to send me an e-mail.
    Hope all is healthy with you and we can complete this course with flying colors!
  • 2019-2020 Schedule
    Period 1: Semester 1: CSC1510 Introduction to Computer Science
                   Semester 2: CSC1530 HTML and CSS
    For the rest of the day, you can find me assisting students and staff with technology as well as teaching classes to students with Computer Science.  I also provide Staff Development to all staff on technology in education.
  • Room 240
    Phone: 716-375-8010 ext 3240
    E-mail: dlasky followed by @oleanschools.org 
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