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    Mr. Nawrot
    Room 25 (Basement - 3rd St. side)
    (716) 375-8010 ext.3025

    Extra Credit Assignment: View the powerpoint first, then read the following...
    You NEED to have an envelope, with 2 SEPARATE addresses. The address in the middle is called the sending address, this is probably going to be your current address. The address in the top left is called the return address, this is probably going to be a family business or relative that you think will be around in 10 years to get you your letter. YOUR NAME goes on the top of both addresses, because you are sending it to you. Place 2 stamps in the top right of your envelop. If you have multiple sheets of paper, place more stamps, as mailing goes according to weight. You can type it or write it. You will then bring this into the HS gym on Wednesday when you hand in your laptop. Any questions let me know 
    *Reminder to do community health project, PS if you did it 3rd quarter and did not earn a 100%, I am automatically bumping that grade up to a 100% for doing it early.
    **As of today (5/18) I am placing a zero in for the health project so you see what your grade will look like if you do not complete it. I am also in the process of updating all grades. The two new assignments will be up later today.
    Reminder: The Community Health Project is to be done over the phone, individually and the health department is no longer participating. Once you have talked to one of the people listed below, you will type and submit a one page paper, to me, through email. The paper should include who you talked to, the time and date of when you talked to them. This is a first person narrative of what you learned they or their business do.The goal of this project is you find out how these resources help the overall health of our community. So choose from anyone of the following: 
    Jeff Capitani at Directions in Independent Living calls should be between 10-12 Mon -Thurs. working from home work cell 716-378-9438


     (716) 375-4747

    Mrs. Linda Manross (VP RESIDENTIAL SERVICES)



    Dr. Brian South (PSYCHOLOGIST)


    Mrs. Karen McGovern-Graham (CLINICAL SERVICES ADMINISTR)

    Mrs. Marilyn Conlan (LPN EMPLOYEE HEALTH NURSE)



     Mrs. Rachel Linderman 716.373-4303 ext. 520


    Southern Tier Health Care System:

     Mrs. Donna Kahm  716.372-0614 ext. 208

    I want to personally thank all of you who are participating, I truly appreciate all of your efforts. I feel through this distant learning, I have got to know many of a level I would have never been able to, had we been in the classroom. I would preferred to have taught you in the classroom, but I feel we made the best of our situation and thank you again. We have about 7 more topics to discuss. Next week (18th-21st), I will post one assignment Monday (maybe Sunday afternoon) due Tue, post another one Tue, due Thur. The following week (26th-29th) I will post one assignment mon or Tue, due Wed, then post one wed, due Fri. Keep with it, not much time left, this will go fast now that the nicer weather is arriving (hey we finally got through winter too). Don't forget about the project, just call a resource, talk to someone, and find out all the great things our community has to offer to help our health.
    Stay tuned!!!!
    Wow, from the students responding, now I am receiving some quality work. Some great reflection on the Mental Health assignments. 
    Feedback on assignments 11,12,13: Thanks for the feedback on distance learning, I learned and still learning a lot, as I hope you are too. I listened to all the songs you guys sent me, while reading what you wrote, great job there. My wife gave me some odd stares while I was listening to the plethora of music you sent, I eventually told her, lol. There was such a wide variety of genres, which is good, that means we are all different, which we will be talking about during social health. Assignment 13, thank your parents if they talked to you about drug abuse/use within your families, this also was a taboo for years (same with mental health) and affects many families. It is good to know and remind ourselves, drug addiction does not discriminate and can happen to anyone of us or people we know. Know the signs and seek help if needed. CARES is a great facility here in Olean that can help out. Moving into Nutrition!!!!
    Feedback on assignments 9 and 10: The three gateway drugs are alcohol, nicotine and THC. Some people mentioned prescription drugs, which after some thought, I guess they could also be considered one, a new gateway to other drugs....just what we do not need. To clarify on assignment 10; neurons are our cells in the brain, they can release neurotransmitters naturally through life experiences and accomplishments, or artificially through drugs. The fastest implementation is inhalation. As far as overdose and death; putting drugs in faster, higher potency, higher quantity or using a more illicit drug, could help satisfy an addicted brain compulsion, but runs that risk of overdose and death. Also please keep in mind, as time goes on in addiction, tolerance will usually occur and the highs won't be as intense due to the loss of neurotransmitters in the brain, thus leading to OD and death too.
    Feedback on assignments 5-8, mental health: Many of you are taking ownership of your mental health, for example: some of you stated your choices are causing your anxiety. Many of you mentioned the maturating adolescent brain and how it is still developing till 25 years of age, coupled with hormonal changes your going through, all contribute to anxiety. I also frequently heard that social media is a source of your anxiety, but only few of you are turning it off during the day. Only one person mentioned staying off of social media totally. Remember if people think negatively about you for not being on social media, were they ever a friend to begin with? Side note: some of you shared personal family situations, which is great that you can express your feelings and talk about reality. The learning experience I was looking for was for us to recognize this has been a taboo for years and should not be, because it is just as important as physical and social health. There is no shame in having mental health issues within your family, because mental health is something we all share. My true intentions were not to ever embarrass anyone, just to slightly step out of our comfort zone an address real life facts. 
    FYI Grades are closed for progress reports. I will still accept late work. However, your grade will reflect work you have completed up to Sat, the 25th at 10:30 am. The progress report does not reflect your final grade, so keep working at improving it. If you have questions, please ask.
    *I have received some great thoughts and feedback, great job, keep it up!
    ****Progress reports close Friday, so everything up to assignment 7 will be due. Once you get assignment 7, your are done for the week if you want. Great job on mental health so far, many of you have been doing great reflections and have many healthy coping strategies, keep up the good work.
    My appologies, I did not have the correct dates on the assignments, they should be good now. If something does not make sense, please ask
    ***Please do the assignments in order, starting from 5 and work up to 10***
    *Please note: The next two weeks of assignments are posted (six through ten) please take your time, do your own work. Do not rush through them, but at the same time do not procrastinate. They are not hard. Due every other day essentially. Do not become overwhelmed, I just want you to be able to plan ahead and manage your time more efficiently. Any questions please let me know. As always, turn in everything through email, thanks, goodluck! Get learning!
    Assignment #4 feedback:
    I was not as impressed with this one. I saw many people copy and pasted from the internet, look up information on the internet..sure, I would encourage that. However, you should have read the information, formulated your own words about what you read, then type that in your paper. No worries though, overall I am proud of all of you who are doing work and giving an effort, keep that up! Also, the point of part 2 was, if you are practicing social distancing, there is no way you should be contracting an STD. Also, if you did get a STD or STI, going to seek medical attention for issues unrelated to the corona virus, you are simply increasing your exposure, which further puts your overall health in jeopardy. No better time than now to be making wise/educated decisions.
    Moving forward you will see the information and assignments are going to be more personalized, therefore you will have to use your own words and thoughts. With this being new info, you will be graded upon completion and thoroughness, not accuracy of info, you will see why. Get Started Today!
    Keep the questions coming, I miss seeing you all
    Assignment #3 feedback:
    Most of you did very well, if your looking for a 100%, take your time, give details and explain your thoughts. Friendly reminder, lets make sure we are doing OUR OWN WORK and NOT SHARING DOCUMENTS!!! Some similarities of spelling and grammar mistakes are being noticed. Assignment 4 will be up today, due Friday. Come Friday, I will have the following two weeks of work available, should you choose to get ahead, please do not feel overwhelmed by looking at it. I just want you to be able to plan accordingly. During past school years, we would be transitioning into the drug unit, however I feel its important we address Mental Health first, then we will move into drugs and addiction.
    **If you need anything from your locker, Wed, Thur and Friday this week, items will be available for pick up. Please contact the school via phone.**
    Update if you are calling Jeff Capitani at Directions in Independent Living calls should be between 10-12 Mon -Thurs. working from home work cell 716-378-9438
    Assignment #3 posted today, due 4/14, sorry...no snow day today! 
    Planning ahead, Assignment #4 will be posted Tue 4/14 and due Fri 4/17


    Feedback on Assignment #2:

    Overall, good, most of you gave more detail which is exactly what I was looking for, try to be as specific as possible. Some people did a copy and paste from some internet website, that was not what I was looking for, I want you to create this work. It is pointless for me to read what you find online. Many people forgot to mention the villi.

    PS Drink half your body weight in fluid ounces. Some students forgot the second part of the assignment.


    Assignment #3 (due Wednesday at 12)




    Feedback on assignment #1: General feedback, majority of you did well. You DO NOT NEED to send it as an attachment, you can send it in email. Whatever is easier for you. When you email me, PLEASE PUT YOUR PERIOD NUMBER IN THE SUBJECT HEADING of your email. 

    Paragraph one: Looking for more details for a 100% on content; such as: Respiration starts off in the mouth and nose. The nose has sinuses, which contain mucus membranes and cilia (small hairs) to help trap air particles before entering the lungs. Air then travels past the pharynx (open space in the back side of throat) and larynx (voice box, creates vibrations) before it enters the trachea (tube carrying air to the bronchi). Etc…

    Similar to what we talked about during verbal review when we were in class.

    In paragraph two, most of you found good info. I was happy to see you used valid resources and didn’t tell me some gossip you heard from a friend of a friend that saw it on social media. 

    Paragraph three was my favorite to read! The physical activity you are doing outside is awesome. Some of you are or did quit vaping, no better time than now! Social distancing. Keep those fun details and responses coming, please!

    If you completed this assignment and it was on time, you kept your 100% going.

    Thank you for taking charge of your education, you are proving to be responsible young adults.

    Tip: Continually manage your stress levels in a healthy way. When you get stressed, your parents get stressed and I don't want that for either of you! Take care, be safe, have fun!

    Click on assignments to get #2 Due Wed @11am

     PS I will continually put new info at the top of this home page, so you don't have to scroll down and re-read. I only got about 50% of your peers to respond with assignment #1. Please initiate some positive peer influence and tell others to wake up, before noon hopefully :-)

    ****New Information...Please Read****


    Change of grading format for fourth quarter:

    70% Participation/Communication

    20% Partner Community Health Project

    10% Content and accuracy of information provided


    Partner Community Health Project:


    * This is no longer a PARTNER CHP, this is now an Individual Community Health Project!


    **If you already completed this and handed it in, you are good, nothing more here for you to read.


    *Moving forward: If you had the Cattaraugus County Health Department, you need to simply choose a different resource to contact.


    *Conduct an over-the-phone interview and type a paper following the directions given under PCHP on my website under PowerPoints


    *Instead of a signature, you need to provide the person’s name you spoke with, time, date and place of where they work. They will also be sending me an email to tell me that info also to make sure you complete this.


    *One questions you may ask is how this viral-pandemic has affected their place of employment


    !!!THIS IS STILL DUE JUNE 5th!!!



    As of now, all of you have a 100 in Health. It is up to you to keep it! Points will be deducted for work turned in late or information is not accurate or missing

    The Health Project has your grade in eschool if you handed it in, it will be blank until you turn it in. If it is not turned in by MAY 15th, I will place a zero in eschool as a place holder, so you and your parents see what your grade will be if you choose not to turn it in by June 5th. No late papers will be accepted after June 5th! 

    I’m excited to get back to some new learning experiences, hope you are too!


    *In the beginning of this class, we spoke about plagiarism/cheating. It is now, more important than ever, you take this very seriously as it can drastically affect your grade. Do your own work! Please! If a peer asks for your help, do it verbally. If you send them an example of work you completed for them to reference, and they decide to use your material, both students will have consequences from an administrative standpoint and your academic grade will suffer.


    I created a new category on my website called Assignments. Please check there regularly for what to do and when it is due. Failure to complete the assignments, in a timely fashion, will deduct points from your grade. If you simply do the work and do it well, there is no reason most of you cannot obtain a 100% in this class.


    *****Email me YOUR work when YOU complete it*****


    Any questions, dealing with assignments and/or health in general, please email me.


    Take Care, Good Luck, apply yourself and you will do fine! As always, be safe, have fun!



     Email: rnawrot@oleanschools.org

    If you have any questions or concerns
    you can contact me at the above email address.
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