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    Mr. Nawrot
    Room 25 (Basement - 3rd St. side)

    (716) 375-8010 ext.3025




    The past few years have been very hectic. Education has taken many turns, in many different directions. Despite recent occurrences in our local communities and throughout the US, Olean still stands strong, with what I feel to be some of the Southern Tiers best educators! There are many resources on my website and if you are looking for help that cannot be found here, please ask and I will find you the help you are looking for. 


    We are very lucky to have our new assistant superintendent Dr. Irizarry, please welcome him if you see him!


    This upcoming school year (2023-24) I will be starting my 19th year here at OHS.


    Email: rnawrot@oleanschools.org

    Phone: 716.375-8010 ext 3025


    If you have any questions or concerns

    you can contact me at the above email address or phone number

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Last Modified on September 15, 2023