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    Korean Memorial

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    Please check your student's grades on Eschool Parent Portal.  For information on login information contact the main office or ask your learner, its how they should be checking as well.
    Student assignments can be found on my classroom calendar.  If a day does not have a task it most likely means we did not finish the previous day's assignment or there was a lecture that day.  For calendar assignments I will input assignments on Friday, this will be based on where I predict we will be and is not set in stone!  
    Room Number: 141
    Phone Number:
    375 8010 ext 3141
    Web Contact: MPerry at Oleanschools.org
    All vocabulary lists can also be found using the links located on the left.  If you ever forget your vocabulary at school and the assignment is due, this would be the place to find the list and either print it and hand write the words or put everything on a separate sheet of paper.  Do copy and paste things from the internet into them, use the vocabulary and glossaries that I have provided to you for the information most relevant to the class. 

    Class policies: 
       - No late assignments will be accepted, meet your deadlines!  
       - Be ready for class by the time the bell rings!
       - Absent?  Turn the assignment in the following day
       - Absent from a test or quiz?  You have one calendar week from the day of your return to complete it.  Everyone else is waiting to get them back, so be prompt
       - No listening devices - ie: Earbuds, beats 
    Supply List for
    2019 classes:
    1. Pens/Pencils
    2. Binder with filler paper OR notebook
    3. USB drive
    4. Laptop or school supplied laptop 
    5. Common Sense
    6. Work Ethic
    Teacher Schedule:
    • BS: Stop in for help
    • P1: Office Hour
    • P2: JCC 1540
    • P3: JCC 1540
    • P4: US History
    • P5: Lunch
    • P6: JCC 1540
    • P7: POLS 102
    • P8: SAC
    • AS: Stop in for help

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