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    Hello, Students!

    Hello to all!  I hope you are all doing well and enjoyed the nice weather this past weekend.

    For this week, I want you ALL to view student portal and see your gradesIf you need to make up work, PLEASE catch up. This will only improve your 4th quarter grade. We are getting down to the last few days to turn in work that you owe.  

    I am available everyday, Monday - Friday from 8am-3pm.      

    If you email or message me in the evening or on the weekend, you will more than likely receive a response the next day or on Monday morning if it is the weekend. Use your time wisely during the week to ask me questions or we can video chat on Teams to review assignments, review notes, outline an essay, etc. I am here to help in any way.  My email is ksikora followed by @oleanschools.org.  

    Stay safe, healthy, and miss you.


    Office hours for the week of June 8th:

    Monday: 8am-3pm

    Tuesday: 8am-3pm

    Wednesday: 8am-3pm

    Thursday: 8am-3pm

    Friday: 8am-3pm



    Name: Mrs. Kristen Sikora

    Room Number: 217

    Thank you for visiting.
    Stay Safe!
    Stay Positive!
    Stay Well!
    Miss you all!


Last Modified on June 8, 2020