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    Welcome to Mrs. Welch's Web Page!

    Name: Kathryn Welch
    Title I Reading Teacher
    Room Number: 226
    Phone Number: 375-8061 ext. 4226
    Email: kwelch followed by @oleanschools.org

     This is my fifth year as a Title I reading teacher at OIMS. My previous 25 years of experience working with the high school English curriculum and the ELA regents' exam in the junior year is extremely valuable when working with these younger students to improve their reading and writing skills. IRLA is the reading program for grades K-7. It is designed to hook kids on reading, while working on their individual skills needed to become independent learners. Ask your child about their IRLA book and what they love about their book! The more you read, the better you get, the smarter you are!
    I graduated from St. Bonaventure University with my B.S. in Education and my M.S. in Literacy.

         Students are assigned to my class based on their ELA test score taken the previous spring, their STAR assessment and teacher recommendations. If they received a score of "1" or "2", this  can indicate that their reading and writing skills need improvement.
         In order to prepare our students for college & career, they must master
    1. Accountable Independent Reading Skills, 2. Interactive Reading Skills, 3. Close Reading Skills and 4. Write for Information with Evidence Based Claims. My mission is to improve these skills by teaching strategies they can apply to any content area.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

        Students must take responsibility for their own learning!




    Teacher Schedule: For a listing of times click here

    • Period 1:Class
    • Period 2:Class
    • Period 3:Team
    • Period 4:Class
    • Period 5:Lunch
    • Period 6:Class
    • Period 7:Class
    • Period 8:Prep.
    • Period 9:
    • Remote Conferences

    Wednesdays I will conference with 100% remote students.

    Red or Gold students can contact me on Teams as needed.



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