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    Novel : The Call of the Wild By Jack London - full text http://www.gutenberg.org/files/215/215-h/215-h.htm
    Assignments will be graded for MP 4 beginning Wednesday, April 1st! Please stay in touch!
    *All study guides are available on the page entitled "The Call of the Wild Unit" Please save your own copy by chapter number and type into the document!
    Study chapter 1   -   https://quizlet.com/_88vvyv?x=1jqt&i=hxw9u    Chapter 1 Review game
    Monday 3/30 - Read chapter 2. Complete study guide and submit or share document with me by Thursday 4/2. You can also submit assignments on Teams.
    Tuesday 3/31 -
    Wednesday 4/1 -
    Thursday 4/2 - Read Chapter 3 and complete study guie for Tuesday 4/7.
    Friday 4/3 - Quizizz chapter 1 & 2 quiz!! (READ DIRECTIONS FOR SIGNING-UP IN EMAIL!)
    Monday 4/6 - 
    Tuesday 4/7- Chapter 3 study guide due today!
    Wednesday 4/8 -
    Thursday 4/9 - All work for chapters 1-3 should be completed and submitted by the end of the day Friday!
    Friday 4/10 - Have a wonderful Easter weekend with your family!
    Monday 4/13 - Writing Piece -  In a Word document (with a full heading), address the following prompt:
    ********What are the qualities and/or characteristics of a "great" leader and why?  Name three and give a specific example for each.*******
    Here is a planning sheet to help you organize your ideas.
     Monday 4/20 - Read chapter 4 & complete the study guide questions. Due Friday!
    Monday 4/27 - Type the introduction paragraph to the "What Makes a Great Leader?" Extended Response (Microsoft Word in Office 365) Save as  YOURLASTNAME Leader ER (Example: BILLINGS leader)
    Tuesday 4/28 - Type the first body paragraph. Discuss one trait and one leader in a moment they demonstrated that trait.
    Wednesday 4/29 - Type body paragraph #2. Discuss a second trait and one leader in a moment they demonstrated that trait.
    Thursday 4/30 - Type body paragraph #3. Discuss the final trait and one leader in a moment they demonstrated that trait.
    Friday 5/1 - Type the conclusion of your essay. Edit and revise. Make sure it is double-spaced and in Times New Roman size 12 font! Submit the assignment by Monday 5/4 to Teams!
    (I am looking for THREE DIFFERENT and REAL examples. The word IF should not be used at all in your piece.) 
    Introduction paragraph
    Body 1 paragraph
    Body 2 paragraph
    Body 3 paragraph
    Conclusion Paragraph
    *Each day this week I will be posting helpful information and writing review for the creation of this essay. Please do not submit your first draft until you are asked to do so!*
    Monday 5/4 - (Star Wars Day - May the Fourth be with you! Watch a Star Wars movie...or all of them. :) "What Makes a Great Leader?" Extended Response is due by Midnight on TEAMS!! 
    Tuesday 5/5 - Begin reading chapter 5 and complete the study guide questions using RACE!! Due by Monday 5/11! Read carefully!
    Wednesday 5/6 - Check Teams.
    Thursday 5/7 - Check Teams.
    Friday 5/8 - Check Teams. Create something nice for the important female role model in your life! Sunday is Mother's Day! Write her a nice poem with some artwork or a craft. Write her a letter. Create something she can hold on to forever! :)
     Monday 5/11 - Chapter 5 study guide questions are due today!
    Tuesday 5/12 - Chapter 5 quiz on Teams!
    Wednesday 5/13 - Read chapter 6 and complete study guie questions for Monday 5/18!
    Thursday 5/14 - Check Teams!
    Friday 5/15 - Check Teams!
    Monday 5/18 - Chapter 6 study guide questions are due today!
    Tuesday 5/19 - Read chapter 7 and complete study guide questions for Tuesday 5/26. This is the end of the novel! 
    Wednesday 5/20 - Check Teams!
    Thursday 5/21 - Check Teams!
    Friday 5/22 - Check Teams! Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend!
    Monday 5/25 - Memorial Day!
    Tuesday 5/26 - Chapter 7 study guide questions are due today! 
    Wednesday /27 - What does it mean to be a Husky? Why would a school like ours choose this as our mascot? What have you learned about these animals in this unit? Do you think some of the qualities and character traits of these particular animals can be applied to us, especially in this experience since March 13th?
    Thursday 5/28 - Check Teams~
    Friday 5/29 - What does it mean to be an Olean Husky? Writing piece due today!!
    **At this point, any student who is completely up-to-date with their assignments will be assigned their final grade for the marking period. No further work will be assigned to these students. Students who have not completed all marking period 4 work will be required to complete all missing work before June 17th, at the absolute latest! This is the end of the marking period/school year. :) **
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