• Parents,


    There are video meeting times for each every week.

    IED meets 3 times a week for 30 minutes on M,W,& F.  IED meeting times are at 1pm. IED students are required to attend at least 1 a week.

    DDP has office hours on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week:

    1st Pd 10-10:30am

    3rd Pd 10:30-11am

    6th Pd 11-11:30am


    Please check your office 365 email account for specific times.

     If you are unable to attend office hours and need help, please contact me to set up a time for video meeting.

    Weekly Outlook

    IED-- Final assignment 7.4 due Tuesday.  Catch up on incomplete work.


    DDP-- Take your Pick assignment due Tuesday

          --- Use class help to problem solve issues/ask questions 




    Updated instructions for each assignment are located on Teams page, Assignments.

Last Modified on June 8, 2020