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    Dear Parents and Students,


    Today, progress reports will go out. There are two more weeks left of school for each of you to finish up the fourth quarter. There will be no new curriculum sent out this week. This will allow you to take care of any back work. This is assignments not completed and revisions of assignments where full credit was not awarded.

    I will be available during my daily office hours and will make appointments outside of these hours with any student that needs help. Please contact me and let me know how I can help you. My office hours are 11:00 am to noon and 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm each day. I check my email by 8:00 am each morning and can schedule a time with individual students with notice. Email me with your needs and give me a couple of times when we could meet. I will choose one and let you know.

    If you are failing or if you are not happy with your grade, you should waste no time and contact me as soon as you can. Depending on how much you have done during the last ten weeks, your commitment of much effort and time might be needed to do the required work for the completion of this class.

    There will be summer school remotely this summer with what I know at this time. If you do not pass this class, you will be expected to do more of this in summer school. If you do not meet the requirements of this class, there is a possibility that you will not be advanced into ninth grade. If you are one of my upperclassmen and have not met the requirements of this class, then you will be expected to take Algebra 1 again next year and you will not be given the opportunity of the regents’ exemption. So, it is to your advantage to make every effort to finish the requirements of this class and pass this fourth quarter. You need to finish with a 65 or better to pass that last quarter. Your final grade is the average of your four quarters.

    This has certainly been an interesting end to the year and we do not have a plan for the fall. We do not know what school will look like when it is time for us to return in September. But we do know what it looks like now. For most of you, you have gone above and beyond the call. You have been committed and willing to do what has been asked of you. I am so immensely proud of those who have shined and given me your best effort. You will never be forgotten. This has been challenging, but your true colors have shone through. To rest who still have things to do, it not too late. You may not end up with your desired grade, but with a concentrated effort you can pass this last quarter.

    It, as it always has been, is up to you. Only you can make the decision needed, so that you can end this year with success. What will you do?

    Every year ends with a bittersweet feeling. This year is no different. I have enjoyed getting to know so many of you during remote learning… in a way that would not have happened in the classroom… and for that I have been blessed. But still this year ends without the celebration that usually marks the close of another year. I have grown to love each of you and want the best for you. I celebrate your accomplishments and congratulate those that worked hard and saw growth. Know that my door is always open to you. Let this year lead you into the future meant for you. Contact me with your joys and your concerns as you live your lives that you are destined to lead.

    Your teacher during this unprecedented pandemic,

    Ms. Dunbar



    Contact Information:

              Ms. Diana Dunbar (during remote learning email is the best way to contact me.)


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    Please feel free to send me an email at anytime and I will try and get back with you as soon as I am able.




Last Modified on June 1, 2020