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    Name: Jackie Giardini
    Room Number: OHS - 314
    Phone Number: OHS: 375-8010, ext. 3314

    Hello!  My name is Jackie Giardini and I am a New York State Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist.  This is my 18th year working in the Olean School District - my 32nd year in the field! I provide speech-language services to students at OHS.  Students attend speech-language therapy to work on a variety of skills: articulation, fluency, pragmatics, and all types of language skills.  I work closely with classroom teachers in order to make speech-language therapy meaningful academically.  You will often see me working with students in the classroom setting in order to improve carry-over of skills. 
    Teacher Schedule:
    • Per 1: OHS
    • Per 2:  OHS
    • Per 3: OHS
    • Per 4: LUNCH
    • Per 5: OHS
    • Per 6: OHS
    • Per 7: OHS
    • Per 8: PREP


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