• Olean Intermediate Middle School Health  


    Mr. Shoup  Certified in Health and Physical Education K-12


    This course is a part of the New York State mandatory curriculum at the Intermediate Middle School level. One half-credit hour is given to the student if he or she completes the course. This course is a required twenty-week instructional course and one full credit hour is needed to graduate at the time of commencement.

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    What is Health?

    Health is a combination of physical, mental/emotional and social well being.

    The word health comes from an old English word meaning “to make sound,

    whole, or well.” Health comes from the same root as the word heals.

    What is our Educational Goal?

    Health Education means providing information in such a way that it influences students and other people to change their attitudes and take positive actions regarding their health. One of the goals of health education is to improve the quality of life. To develop a more productive and healthier lifestyle while on earth.

    Health Education can give you the tools you need to maintain and improve your total health and wellness.You can use this knowledge; the values and morals gained throughout your lifestyle.An individual then can carry this knowledge over to the next generation to come.

    Who is Mr. Shoup?

    I have been teaching Health at the Olean Intermediate Middle School for 41 years.  I received my BS degree from Edinboro State College and my Masters Degree from St. Bonaventure College. You may contact me with any concerns or to set up a visit at 375-8060 Ext. 4311 or e-mail me at RShoup followed by @oleanschools.org

    What will we be learning?

    Each student receives a textbook from which they will read and perform the given task or lesson. During Remote Learning Textbook will be on line.
    Units to be studied are:
    Sexual Harassment/Bullying/Cyberbullying/Sexting/Internet Safety                (Guest Speaker)
    Sleep and Dreams                      Sleep Log Project
    Skeletal & Muscular Systems
    Steroid Use & Abuse
    Social Issues:  Abuse/Rape Prevention/Date Rape Drugs                                    (Guest Speaker)
    Mental Health & Suicide Prevention
    Central Nervous System 
    Digestive System
    Integumentary System & Body Piercing and Tattooing / Wounds & Burns           (Guest Speaker) 

    Circulatory System & Heart Attack/Stroke Prevention
    Nutrition                                                             Project
    Eating Disorders                                               (Guest Speaker) 
    Respiratory System & Disorders  
    Tobacco Use and Abuse                                   Project-Anti Smoking Poster/Advertisement
    Organ/Tissue Donation                                    
     Alcohol Education                                           

    Illicit/Licit Drug Education                              Project-Pamphlet Making

    Family Life Education                                      (Guest Speaker)

    STDs/AIDS Education                                      (Guest Speaker)

    First Aid/Safety Education
    Lyme Disease/Rabies
    Other current or related topics maybe covered if time permits during the twenty-week course.

    How will we be graded?

    75%-85% of your grade are test scores and 5-10% of your grade is homework assignments and 10%-15% projects. 
    Test days are usually Tuesday's, Wednesday's or, Friday's 
    The students are also required to complete their homework and all other projects.
    Homework averages  20 minutes per assignment.  Reading varies during each unit.

    All homework is to be completed on the TEAMS SITE-During remote learning/Distance Learning.
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