• Hello and Welcome to 8th Grade Social Studies


    Grade Policy:

    Grades are calculated base on the mathematical average of the assignment. Points are assigned to each activity/ assessment reflecting their complexity and importance.  Homeworks are usually weighted at  10 pts while tests and essays might range up to 200 pts.  Please note that important projects will be accepted late with an appropriate point penalty assessed. However, homework will not be accepted late without an adequate explanation.

    Name: Ray Valeri
    Room Number: 324
    Phone Number: ext 3324

    Please note that assignments and homework will be found on the due dates page. 
    Teacher Schedule:
    • Period 1:  Class
    • Period 2:  Class
    • Period 3:  Prep
    • Period 4:  Class
    • Period 5:  Lunch
    • Period 6:  Study Hall 
    • Period 7:  Class
    • Period 8:  Class
Last Modified on October 29, 2018