Hello Students and Parents

    8th Grade Social Studies 

     12th grade Participation in Government 

    Name: Mr. Vecchio
    Room Number: 227
    Phone Number: (716) 375-8001 ext.3227

    Map Site:
    For interactive review for tests: go to www.classzone.com
    During this COVID-19 time, students are free to email me any time and I will make sure I get back to you.  Please 
    regularly check your school email for all assignments.  Any questions please contact me at
    Teacher Schedule:
    • Period 1: Part. in Gov't 
    • Period 2: Part in Gov't 
    • Period 3: Social Studies 8
    • Period 4: Social Stusies 8 
    • Period 5: Lunch
    • Period 6: Social Studies 8
    • Period 7: Prep
    • Period 8: Study Hall


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