• Dear East View Families,

    Welcome to the new school year. Hopefully you found plenty of time to have fun in the sun and enjoy some unstructured time. Every staff member has been working very hard to prepare for the return of our amazing students. We did a lot of small maintenance projects to keep the facility in shape. In addition to this, many teachers worked on curriculum this summer to better prepare for the year ahead. We have set very high expectations and made plans to guarantee that every student at East View will be successful this school year. Student academic success is the main goal of every staff member at East View Elementary. We believe that every student will learn to the highest level and we are prepared to offer more time and support to every student that needs it. I ask for your support and participation in this effort by sending your child to school every day on time, maximizing the instruction time, encouraging your child to read every evening, monitoring your child’s homework, and asking your child to share what they learned at school each day.

    The wonderful thing about school years is that we all get to start all over again. This year I am looking forward to many new beginnings and I hope you are too. Listed below are some school expectations, changes and updates for the new school year:

    • School starts at 8:10 am and ends at 2:50pm. Tardy (after 8:08) and early release will result in your child missing important content. The school opens at 7:30am for breakfast.
    • Please send in a note in the morning if your child has an appointment and will be leaving school early. This will allow time for the teacher to gather and organize your child’s classwork that he/she will be missing.
    • Please do not request your child be excused early between 2:30 and 2:50.
    • If your child is sick, please call the office in the morning to let us know.

    We greatly appreciate your cooperation and understanding while kicking off the school year. I look forward to seeing you and your child at our Meet Your Teacher Day on August 31st and most of all I am eager to continue making this a successful year.

    Yours truly,

    Brian Crawford

Last Modified on December 22, 2018